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Anime Explosion R2 at Ever Manila Plaza

Anime Explosion 2000 was one of the most attended and recognized Anime and cosplay convention in the Philippines although it is not the first for there were Anime@Arki, UP Tomokai and Collectibles Convention which I think later on became the Philippine ToyCon.  Anime Explosion R2 was the second year of what Naruto Cosplayers PH (NCPH) and Red Cloud Interactive created as an event to give tribute to the first conventions in the Philippines.

Anime Explosion R2 is Anime-focused

Unlike other events and conventions, Anime Explosion R2 is focused on anime.  Its cosplay categories in the competition are dedicated to old school, new generation and mecha/armor anime rather than those from other genres.

It might just be because it was held in a Saturday but most of the cosplay competitors belong to the Western and Game genre unlike the previous year.  There are however cosplayers who did not join the competition which belong to the anime genre.

I hope that next year there will be more anime fans and enthusiasts joining in.  Perhaps a drawing contest and public exhibit of anime memorabilia would be great as well.

Anime Explosion R2 Winners

Here are the winners of the competition during the event:
  • ANIoke Champion: Franz Uy - Hohuemi No Bakudan (Yu Yu Hakusho) 
  • Best in Old School Anime: Renzo Alferez - Kaito Kid (Detective Conan) 
  • Best in New Generation Anime: Roldan Paras -Genos (One Punch Man) 
  • Best in Mecha/Armor: Aira Joy Antonio - Adolfo (Fate Grand Order Apocrypha) 
  • Best in Western and Game: Marinela Chanco - Catwoman (Play Arts Kai) 
  • Best Kids Cosplay: Euna Angelo - Kaneki Ken (Tokyo Ghoul)


AniHenyo which is derived from the popular game Pinoy Henyo is a welcome addition to Anime Explosion R2.  Two set of AniHenyo was played during the event and it became one of the most interactive and exciting part of the game.  Anime-based words, characters and titles were asked to be guessed by the participants and even though there are lots of fans in the event, only two contestants successfully guessed the correct answers.


For the second year, ANIoke had enlisted tons of singers who frequently join Karaoke competition during events.  Unlike the usual competition however, this time judges are not facing the contestants and the majority of the judging will be based on voice quality and lyrics.

It was really fun to hear songs from anime like YuYu Hakusho, Ruruoni Kenshin, Fushigi Yugi and more.  There was even one who sang the theme song of Space Sheriff Shaider.

Anime Explosion R2 Booths

There are only 5 booths at the event but it will be all that you need.  Chibi Softserve introduced their Taitaki Ice Cream and Japanese-Korean inspired floats named Ichigo and Midori. Their ice cream and float really taste great and attendees were delighted to have this new experience.

Cospray was again part of the event like last year, introducing their hypo allergenic and washable cosplay hair color.  Rocx Tees was also there offering various anime items, shirts and more - they even have Mystic Messenger shirts.  We also have Team Raket with their pins and custom handmade items.

One of the cosplay and convention veteran Tina Empanada showcased here own cross stitch creations of various characters and anime-themed words like "oppai", "hentai", "seme" and more.  She even offered on the sport cross stitch requests.

Special Performances

Anime Explosion R2 also features special performances during the event.  They may not be fully anime but it is worth noting that they are doing their first performance at the event.  Class A+ and Jai.

Of course we have our favorite Japanese Idol cover group covering Morning Musume - Ivy! Musume.

Anime Explosion R3 at Ever Manila Plaza?

Would there be an Anime Explosion R3 next year?  We certainly hope that there would be and we hope that it would be a bigger event with more discussion and topics on anime.  Perhaps we can have a film showing set at their cinema to rediscover some of our old OVAs.

Meanwhile thanks to those who made Anime Explosion R2 possible specially Ever Gotesco Manila Plaza, Naruto Cosplayers PH and Red Cloud Interactive.

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