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Exclusive: Interview with Master Guy Sensei of Naruto

We had some fun time last year at Cosplay Mania 2016 and one of this is an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH GUY SENSEI FROM NARUTO.  We asked about his power and why Rock Lee is a lot higher than he is. Watch the video below...

Knievel Rosaroso as Guy Sensei

We would have to agree that in the Philippines, Knievel Rosaroso is the best cosplayer we have seen cosplaying Guy Sensei.  Although there is someone I think 2 years ago that is totally the look alike of Guy. 

Knievel had imbued the characteristics of Guy whenever he is cosplaying the character.  When you see him at conventions you will surely be amazed.  Keep on cosplaying Knievel and we love your Gut Cosplay!

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