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Anime on Animax this January 2017

Our journey to a whole lot of exciting Anime at Animax begins this January 2017.  Beginning this month Animax will be lining up series which are compelling, exceptionally strong and something which all of us can relate to.  Well, thanks to the illustrated movie, "Your Name" this had been possible.  Watch out for Gabriel Dropout and BanG Dream!

Gabriel Dropout on Animax

Gabriel Dropout will air every Monday at 11pm, same day as Japan.  This is a comedy series which revolves around a delinquent angel.  What could an ace angel, Gabriel White learn from human kind as he descents on Earth in order to help them find the right path?  Will he guide them or will he be the one being influenced by human habits such as video game addiction and utter laziness?  An anime that you can laugh out loud and also learn from.

BanG! Dream on Animax

An aspirational musical anime series which will inspire you to follow your dreams.  Though it is only a 14-episode series this anime is part of a bigger franchose, which had multiple adaptations including manga, CD singles, music videos and games.

Follow Kasumi as she met four other girls in their quest to find a stage for them to stand and perform their magical music creation.  It all started with Kasumi's obsession for "beat of the stars," a rhythm she heard one night as a child looking up at the sky.  Follow the dream and unleash the star qualities when BanG Dream! Premieres on 22 January, airing every Sunday at 8.30pm, on the same day as Japan.

Beside the two new Anime above you can also catch the premiere of popular Anime on Animax this 2017 as follows:

Re: Zero -Starting Life in Another World on Animax

Premieres 13 January, airing every Thursday and Friday at 10pm.  The highly-acclaimed anime that has topped anime polls and charts is set to make its television debut on Animax.  It is no ordinary action and fantasy anime; it has become a worldwide phenomenon with over 2 million copies of its light novel sold.  The series follows Subaru Natsuki who is stranded in an alternate world.  Subaru will soon realize that the only way to survive in this new world is to reverse time, an ability that can only be activated when he dies.

Fairy Tail (Season 6) on Animax

Premieres 17 January, every Monday and Tuesday at 10pm .  Dubbed as the most intense season yet, the anime will continue from where it left off the last season.  This time, Natsu, Lucy and friends will find out that Tartaros, a dark guild, and its team of mages known as the Nine Demon Gates is behind some of the recent chaos and destruction. Will they be able to stop the mayhem restore the peace? This season will also unfold the untold story behind the beginnings of the Fairy Tail guild as young Mavis Vermillion, the first guild master and co-founder of Fairy Tail goes on a journey and meets friends and foes alike.

Handa-kun on Animax

Premieres 18 January, every Wednesday and Thursday at 8pm.  The much anticipated prequel and spin off the heartwarming anime series Barakamon, Handa-kun tells the tales of Sei Handa, a handsome high school student who is worshipped and deeply respected by his classmates due to the aloof yet charismatic aura he gives out.  To them, he is perfect and out of their league and no one dares to approach him carelessly. However, for Sei and his inherent negative personality, he constantly mistakes such respect as hatred and hostility towards him, leading to unexpected hilarious situations.

Animax is available on SKYCable Channel 46, Cignal Digital TV Channel 73, and Dream Channel 07.

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