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Alyas Robinhood, We Are Not Cos Fighters!

The TV show of GMA 7 "Alyas Robinhood" created something that gives a misnomer to cosplayers in the Philippines.  When they aired an episode which shows cosplayers dubbed as "cosfighters" they created a mass media hype which could rise to cosplayers being called as cosfighters.  This strategic plot of the show seems to add up to the already "trash" content of this tv series.  This in fact could have been the worst of all shows in television entirely.

A Disrecpect to Cosplayers

Featuring cosplayers in a violent episode and calling them cosfighters is in some way a disrespect to cosplayers.  I cannot blame cosplayers who had accepted the offer to be in a show.  We were informed that they were given a talent fee of Php250 each plus food.

Alyas Robinhood seems to have a penchant for ripping off pop culture and trending things in order to gather attention of viewers.  The episode did not only disrespected cosplayers but also ripped off a popular movie - "Hunger Games" when it titled the fighting event as "Anger Games."

Lack of Creativity in Alyas Robinhood

I cannot understand why a very talented writer such as Suzette Doctolero will result to even showcasing a story as bad as this. This show is obviously a poor rip off from the hit series Arrow.  No matter the denial any sane human being can see the semblance.  Even Arrow in the Philippines have to include "THE ORIGINAL" tag line in order to show that they were ripped off.

Alyas Robinhood is the worst show ever produced by GMA 7.  The fighting, the props and even the acting was really of poor quality.  I am curious to really know how the actors and actresses really feel about the show and their role.  Remember the "Flamethrower"... wow that was awesome!

Alyas Robinhood Should End Soon

This show should be shut down asap.  It should be put to a close and replaced with a better show.  This is perhaps an experimentation gone really wrong.  I am even wondering how it is performing in the ratings.  Are people really watching this crap?

What can you say about Alyas Robinhood?  If you agree with this article comment below and feel free to share this.

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  1. I wonder if the producers of Arrow will also do something to this coz clearly its a ripoff.

    Not sure if it can be subjective to intellectual property rights violation.

    1. Chapter 3 - Derivative Works of the INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY CODE OF THE PHILIPPINES [Republic Act No. 8293] expressly states in Section 173.2 that works based from the original shall also be subject to copyright.

      173.2. The works referred to in paragraphs (a) and (b) of Subsection 173.1 shall be protected as a new works: Provided however, That such new work shall not affect the force of any subsisting copyright upon the original works employed or any part thereof, or be construed to imply any right to such use of the original works, or to secure or extend copyright in such original works. (Sec. 8, P. D. 49; Art. 10, TRIPS)

  2. IM AGREE im doing cosplay because i want to make person happy see the character and most of all IM ENJOYING THE COSPLAYING but this IM NOT COSFIGHTERS and sinisira lang yun meaning ng cosplay


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