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What are the Secretst of Successful Cosplay?

What are the secrets of successful cosplay? Is it in the costume? Is it in winning competitions? After winning as the Overall Champion at the 30th Anniversary of TOEI Philippines, I would like to share to everyone what I think.  I hope this would help other cosplayers out there.

Characterization Is King

Regardless of what character you are cosplaying, characterization is always king.  Among all the things you would consider in a cosplay you should put top effort on this.  You can have the best armor costume that is so detailed but if your cosplay does not make you become the character that is still a failed cosplay.  You can win a competition for outstanding armor and craftsmanship even if you are not that much in character.  Why?  Because most of the time impressive costume works on the judges but at some point it does not.

In cosplaying Master Hercule Satan or Master Pogi, I could never compete against outstanding armor.  My costume is all cloth and true to the fact I lost at times.  During big competitions however when judges put consideration on the overall cosplay quality, I do win.  It is not because of my costume but because of the effort I put in being the character I cosplay.

as Master Hercule Satan (Master Pogi) from Dragonball Z

as Stone Cold Steve Austin from WWE

Be In Character Always

This is again about characterization.  If you would like your cosplay to be successful be always in character on and off the stage.  If someone asks for a photo then speak in that character's language/  If someone asks a pose that is off character always try to reconsider doing it, personally most of the time I do not do it :).

Speak to people in character.  Move around in character. Mingle with others in character/  This is what makes cosplay worth the time and effort.

Cosplay Something Unique

Cosplaying a character from the most popular anime will surely earn a lot of shots from photographers.  It can give you tons of good photos too but the question is will your name be synonymous to that character?  When someone speaks about that character in cosplay will they remember you? If your name is attached to a cosplay character the moment someone thinks about it then you did a successful cosplay.

It is not about the number of character you had already cosplayed.  You can cosplay hundred of character but be remembered for none. Cosplay in an epic level.

as Oozaru Gohan from Dragonball Z

as Kratos from God of War

Cosplay to Entertain and to Impress

Previously there was a saying, "Cosplay to Entertain and Not to Impress." I ask myself, if you are cosplaying was there an inherent aim to impress people?  Impressing people does not mean being boastful but in reality making them feel that the character has come alive.  Cosplay to entertain and to impress people, so that their fandom will come to reality.

Always Be Humble

If there is something I learned in my 6 years of cosplaying that is to ALWAYS BE HUMBLE.  Whether you win or lose a competition accept it with all your heart.  You can react if you think there is something odd or unfair about the competition, however, in the end just accept the organizers decision.  After all cosplay is not about winning competition.

During a cosplay convention or event try to meet and win new friends. Be friendly with them and as much as possible say yes when they ask for your photos.  Whatever compliment you receive accept it will all humility.

I hope this article will help you become a better cosplayer.  Don't forget to like OTAKUPLAY and MASTER POGI PH.

Thanks for reading!

Photo Credit:  Thanks to ART NINJA for my introductory photo.

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