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Mystic Messenger Relationship Goals: V x Rika

Mystic Messenger is perhaps one of the most popular visual novel and mobile game in the Philippines today.  Tons of girls are really into this game and fandom.  Today, we present to you our Mystic Messenger Relationship Goals featuring V and Rika. This is part of our cosplay shoot with some of the Philippine Mystic Messenger cosplayers.

Disclaimer:  The photos here features gender-bend cosplay of the characters of V and Rika.

Rika and V's relationship

For those who are already playing the game, this is already an old story. Rika, the founder of the RFA and V, current head of the RFA are in fact lover.  In the game, you will find out a lot of things which these two did for one another all out of love.

During the start of the game, you will be led to believe that Rika committed suicide, a year and a half ago prior to the events of the game.  This was, in fact, V's story despite the fact that his body was never found.

V and Rika are an example of a love that is very rare in this world.  V loves Rika despite everything, this including her mental condition and what she seems to be doing to V.  For his love Rika sees V as the "Sun" as contained in "Like the Sun in the Sky" the ending song of the game.

Would a route on V reveal more?

V seems to be a very interesting guy and if a route for him is developed it could create more revelations.  One of the revelation perhaps is how they started their relationship and what is Rika's real name.

Do you like a route for V?

Rika and V in love

Here are the rest of our shots of Rika and V in love.  Thanks to our cosplay friends JL (V) and Min Min (Rika).

There are more super intense photos of V and Rika on our Facebook page, click here to see more of Rika and V in high res.  Don't forget to follow the page.

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