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Check-out your Favorite Kit Kat Flavors Transform Into Gorgeous Anime Guys!

Kit Kat’s immense fame around the globe is no news, so as its strong fan-base in Japan. I have yet to see a nation that can ace Japan when it comes to worshipping this favorite chocolate most loved by delivering probably the most one of a kind, odd, and over-the-top varieties fit for a particular group of people.

Clearly, one creative artist who adores anime and Kit Kat chose that if Japanese markets can consider setting the chocolate in jugs or putting a portion of the bars in croissants, why not change their delicious flavors to attractive bishounens (handsome guy) for the women?

The accompanying flawless character outlines were made by an artist who goes by the online username  "Cioccolatodorima." The artist shares his or her works through  popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, DeviantArt, and pixiv.

Let’s dive into the flavors with their corresponding anime hotties!
Kit Kat Original

Kit Kat White
Kit Kat Dark
Kit Kat Strawberry
Kit Kat Matcha
Kit Kat Wasabi
Kit Kat Sake
Kit Kat Cheesecake
Kit Kat Strawberry Cheesecake
Kit Kat Blueberry Cheesecake
Kit Kat Cookies & Cream
Kit Kat Orange
Kit Kat Mint
Japan has built up itself similar to a pioneer in advancement and this obviously stretches out to the treats they offer. In the nation alone, Kit Kat is known to have more than 200 novel flavors barring regular and unique offers made by a few shops.

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