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Join and have fun at COLLECTICON 2016

Cosplay and pop culture events seems to be a menu every month.  This September however, we would like to invite you to be part of COLLECTICON 2016.  This event is something that brings together cosplayers, toy collectors, KPop enthusiasts, photographers and more.  What would you attend Collecticon 2016 at SM Megatrade Hall on September 17-18?

Collecticon 2016 Cosplay Competition

If you would like to exhibit your cosplay, ramp it on stage and get a chance to win exciting prizes then why not join Collecticon 2016.  It is an event at the center of the Metro, a lot more affordable and of course more accomodating as well.

Here are the guidelines for Collecticon 2016 Cosplay Competition.

1. Registration begins at 10:00am and closes at 2:00pm, September 17, 2016 Saturday (SM Mega Trade Hall 3). 

2. The participants must have the following upon registration:
a. Two (2) COPIES of a full body picture of the character. 
b. Registration forms. The participant should fill-out a registration form provided at the event itself. It will be submitted upon registration together with the full body picture of the character.

3. The Cosplay Catwalk will be from 3pm-6pm. Individual cosplayers are given a maximum of 0ne (1) minute stage time.. Failure to comply with the time limit will result to the disqualification of the cosplayer from the competition.

4. Cosplayers will be judged during the Cosplay Catwalk, from which the Best Adult & Best Child/Kid Cosplay will be chosen.

*  Best Male 4.5k worth of cash and prizes
*  Best Female 4.5k worth of cash and prizes
*  Best Child 3k worth of cash and prizes
*  Additional 3 winners as Organizers Choice will be chosen (1k each)

5. The winner of the Cosplay competition will be decided by the judges in terms of these criteria:

a. Characterization (35% ) – the cosplayer’s resemblance to the reference character in terms of personality and behaviour.
b. Costume and Craftsmanship (35%) – resemblance of the costume to that of the reference character. Quality of the costume and visual appeal.
c. Overall Appeal (30%) - innovativeness, creativity, and audience appeal. This including the catwalk presentation for individual cosplayers.

Free Gundam and Gundam Exhibit

Catch an exclusive sale of Gundam items at up to 50% off. There will also be FREE Gundam model kits which will be given to attendees 7 years old and above.  Catch also the new Iron Blood Orphans Mobile Suit Gundam.

KPop-All-In at Collecticon 2016

September 18 will be a day for KPop fans and enthusiasts as Collecticon 2016 also hold a special competition for them.  There will be a cosplaym dance battlem booth fair and fans club meet-yp and gathering.  For those who want to participate a registration fee of Php170 is required.

Exhibits and Selling

Events like this offers an opportunity to get rare items at discounted price.  So if you are looking for toys, anime items, collectibles and more then please do visit Collecticon 2016, perhaps you can find that rare items at a very discounted price.

We hope to see you on September 17-18, 2016 at SM Megatrade Hall for Collecticon 2016.  For more information and latest updates on the event you can visit their page at https://facebook.com/officialhobbiworx/

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