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Cosplay Costume Makers: Mark Industries

We would like to present our first ever COSPLAY COSTUME MAKES AND CRAFTERS feature for OtakuPlay and our first feature is Mark Industries.  Actually, he does not know that he will be featured here but upon seeing his Bumble Bee today, I am really amazed.  Why am I amazed of their creations?

Quality by experience

The costume creation of Mark Industries are definitely of high quality.  Their creations are based from their own experience as cosplayers.  I remember when they gave me their first ever Power Rangers helmet creation and you can't even wear it for a long time because it does not have a way to breath properly.  This is their first creation and from that they try to improve and be better.

The good thing about Mark Rodil, the owner of Mark Industries is the fact that he is a cosplayer himself.  He joins competitions, participate in mall events and most specially it is a family thing.  If you are into cosplay you surely would not want your costumes to be of low quality specially if you have the ability to create them.

Attention to details

When I went in their house, I saw tons and tons of toys and collectible items.  Most of them were bought because they have to create a costume based on them.  The main reason is that toys usually have the details that is required to accomplish a good costume.  Mark's work station is like a toy display area.  He has Iron Man, War Machine, Ninja Turles, Star Wars and more.

Cosplayer comfort in mind

Mobility, ability to wear it for a long period of time, ease of transport among others are the basic consideration of what Mark Industries put into each of their creation.  Their clients are not only from the Philippines but also from the international scene.  There are even times when celebrities would commission a costume from them or rent one.

Behind Mark Industries

Behind Mark Industrias is Mark Rodil, a cosplayer and IT expert from Bulacan.  Besides cosplaying and crafting he also owns a CCTV shop in Brgy. Agnaya, Plaridel, Bulacan.  This only proves that most cosplayers are also in the IT field maybe because of their knowledge of circuitry.

He is also a family man and a father to his kids.  Whenever we see him in events he always make sure that his wife and family is cosplaying with him.  Truly he is an admirable person.

How to contact Mark Industries?

Well if you want to contact them all you have to do is message their Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/Mark-Industries-222846261209461/.

Thanks for reading our article.

Mark Rodil as Iron Man
Janno Gibbs wearing a costume made by Mark Industries

Photo Credit:  All photos are grabbed from Mark Industries Facebook page except for those with our watermark.

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