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Rampage 2016: Biggest League of Legends Cosplay Gathering

I had never seen in my entire life as many cosplayers as there are for a single video game until I went to Rampage 2016.  Rampage 2016 had the biggest League of Legends cosplay gathering ever.  As early as 9:00AM more than a hundred of cosplayers lined up the special entrance designated for them.

Rampage 2016 Cosplay Competition

Hundred of cosplayers are inside the event.  Which one is the most popular?  Well, I have seen about a dozen of Ahri League of Legends cosplay from simple to complex and from over beautiful to just fine.  Through the tons of cosplayers which attended the event, you would definitely agree that this game is definitely the most popular online MMORPG until now.

There is also a group cosplay competition called Cosplay Clash.  The costume and detail of each group was really amazing.  I admire each of their cosplay.  If there is one thing that is disappointing about the group cosplay is their performance.  I was really not impressed at how they presented their character on stage and it is sad because it defeats their astonishing craftsmanship.

Cosplayers during Rampage 2016

 Seagate Mini-cosplay Event

Seagate conducted their own mini-cosplay event.  20 participants join the event and they were given a minute each to pose and integrate their character with the Seagate booth.  Each cosplay was really amazing.  It was sad that I was not able to know the winner of the mini competition who would be given a 1Tb hard drive.

Here are photos from the Seagate Cosplay Event.


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