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Cosplay Tips: Stage Projection and Ramp

Cosplaying they say is not more about the competition but just done out of fun.  All you have to do is wear the costume of your favorite character, try as much as you can to be like her while being at an event.  However, cosplay competition had been part of almost every convention and taking part of it is also one additional experience that you should not miss.

Performing as Master Pogi at ToyCon 2012.  Drinking Gin Pogi where everyone thought it was a real Gin when in fact it is just plain water.

Whenever you join the competition, you should try at least to do your best.  The mental attitude of just being able to ramp and thinking that you would not win anyway is not an option.  When you go on the ramp you are presenting your character and with that you should do all that you can to justify you portraying your selected character.

So how would you project on stage during a cosplay ramp or competition?

Be your character as close as it can be on stage.
The first thing would always be to know the full mechanics and guidelines of the competition and the event.  Know what should and should not be done and be reminded by it always.  If you don’t agree with any rule your option is either to live with it or not join at all.  I learned that over and over again, that the rules differ based on every organizer and you just have to respect them.

Second is to know the stage the best that you can.  Know the dimensions of the stage, where the entrance and exit would be, what lighting will be present and also the effects, where the stairs are located and any other details related to it.  This way you can plan your skit and performance well in advance.

Now that you are about to go on stage and are in line with other cosplayers what should you do?

  1. Remember your performance well over and over again.  Remember it to your heart and be prepared for anything that might go wrong.
  2. Encourage fellow cosplayers that they can do it and say good luck.  This way they would also cheer you and uplift you.
  3. Feeling nervous is just natural so don’t worry, always remember that you can do it.
  4. Now you are about to go on stage, what should you do?
  5. Perform like no one is watching you and just execute your performance.
  6. Look at the center of the audience and not at a particular person.  This way you would not be easily distracted by anyone who would make fun of you.
  7. Synch in with your performance particularly the BGM if you have one and let it flow.
  8. Be natural and be in character always.  Yes, always even during the interview.
  9. Do not bow unless you are doing a character that performs like vocaloid or an idol character.
Doing a performance on stage is not east.  You need to practice, know your moves and be in sync with your BGM.

Facial expression is also key to every stage performance.  You are not yourself when you are in cosplay.

These are just the things that I personally practice and I am passing it on to all of you as a way of contributing to the cosplay community.  I hope that you will be able to learn something from it.

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Thanks for reading!

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