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Featured Artist: HIRAKAWA DAISUKE, a popular and under rated voice actor

Do you know who Hirakawa Daisuke is?  If you know Sora of Naruto Shippuden or Laito Sakamaki of Diabolik Lovers or even Noriaki Kakyoin of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders (Tarot and Egypt Arc), then you have probably heard his voice already.

Daisuke Hirakawa is a Japanese voice actor born in Niigata Prefecture.  Commonly mistaken for fellow voice actor Daisuke Namikawa (because of almost the same surname), he is for me a very promising and popular but under rated voice actor.

If you will see a movie in Japan where Orlando Bloom is the actor, you will always hear Hirakawa Daisuke's voice since he is the official voice actor for him.  Also known as Hirarin, he is also behind voices for popular drama CDs and some R-18 content through his alternate name, Tatsuya Hirai (平井 達矢).

Featured in 65 TV series animes, 8 Original Video Animations, 4 theatrical animations and web animation, 34 video games, 47 drama CDs, and 76 dubbing engagements, Hirarin is simply a very talented voice actor or Seiyuu.

His talent is not his only personality strength because he also enjoys a lot of attention from fans all over the world.  His voice is simply very captivating if you will hear him in his featured drama CDs.  Despite being 43 years old, his appeal and charm remains more powerful than ever.

Photo grabbed from Daisuke Hirakawa Philippines on Facebook

In fact in the Philippines, a page solely dedicated to Hirarin is very active and is gaining popularity. Laito from Diabolik Loves is perhaps one of his most popular character and had earned a lot of following from around the world.

Beside being a voice actor, Hrakawa Daisuke is also a model of sorts and in fact he already published a bunch of photo books.  He also has his funny side which makes him a lot more appealing compared to other voice actors.  

The video below talks about Hirarin's Photo Book.

By the way have I told you that he is also a singer?  Watch this video where Daisuke Hirakawa sings as part of Style Five from the anime FREE.

Are you a Hirarin fan?  Tell us what you like about him.

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