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Nisekoi and Kindaichi are back on Animax

"The File of Young KIndaichi R" and "Nisekoi" will be airing on Animax this May 2016.  Check the adventures of these two different characters one is a detective and the other is a heir to the Yakuza throne.

Veteran detective Hajime Kindaichi is back with "The File of Young Kindaichi R."  It is premiering on Animax on May 2 at 8PM Monday and Tuesday with 2 episodes back to back.  The grandson of a famous detective, he is a high school student who is lazy in school.  He uncovered his detective talents when he first get involved in a murder case and have to unveil clues to defend himself.  Now, he continues his passion in solving cases together with his partner Miyuko.

Nisekoi is probably one of the most famour new generation anime.  This anime features Raku Ichigo, an average student who also happens to be the sole heir to the head of a Yakuza family.  Ten years ago, a girl gave him a precious pendant.  This pendant is the symbol of a promise that they would marry each other.  Life would change when he meet a girl named Chitoge Kirisaki and the rest was something to be watched.  Catch Nisekoi premier on Animax on May 5 at 8PM airing Wednesday and Thursday on Animax with 2 episodes back to back.

Which of the two shows excite you the most?  We are sure you would love them both.

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