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JRock band Flow finally coming to the Philippines

One of the most popular band when it comes to music contribution to anime is finally coming to perform live in the Philippines.  Flow, a JPop band which is known for various songs in Naruto like "Go", "Remember" and "Sign", as well as opening from Code Geas' "Colors" and "World End".

The live performance of Flow was confirmed by event organizer Otakuzine and confirmed that OzineFest 2016 will have them as a guest performer.  Catch them on April 16, 2016 live at the t the SMX Convention Center.

Unique from other bands Flow also released a specific album dedicated solely to their anime song collection entitled, "Flow Anime Best."  It is their third best album and is a compilation of FLOW assembling all the singles released in anime. Includes the remix track "1/3 no Junjo na Kanjo" sung by anime song DJ unit, 2 ANIMEny DJ'S and a new song.

Here are some songs from Flow which you should expect during OzineFest 2016.  Share us what you think and will you be going?  We would for sure.

Damn they are so good.  Let's make their performance in the Philippines memorable.  See you soon Keigo Hayashi, Kōshi Asakawa, Takeshi Asakawa, Hiroshi Iwasaki, and Yasutarō Gotō. Go Flow!

For more details visit the official website at http://www.ozine.events/

And still another Flow song :)

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