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Philippines in Hetalia Axis Powers

Emilio Jose Andres del Pilar, that is the name of the character of the Philippines in the anime manga/series Hetalia: Axis Powers.  When I first saw this post online I was wondering if it is true or not but for me it seems to good to be true.  I read on the description and was amazed by the creativity and description made for the Philippines.

At some point I was offended with the description and then I told myself that at some point it is true.  We are layed back and also lazy and very emotional people.  We tend to tell jokes and be happy even on our most difficult time.  Besides the description the character art work was also super with all the Katipunan inspired attire it was perfect.

I wonder what the personality of this character would be?  Would his mind be pondering if he would engage in war or rather write and talk about peace?

To quell down the excitement, I would say that this is yet another fan art of those who love to add the Philippines to the anime Hetalia: Axis Powers.  Why did I say that?  I searched online and I cannot find any evidence that the Philippines is indeed added to the list of characters.  It would have been great and a warm welcome but sadly we are not yet included.

Well here are some other characters from the Philippines.

First, please welcome Maria Clara dela Cruz.
Here is another unnamed character.
And here is another one, Monica Santiago Devilla:

What can you say about Philippines in Hetalia: Axis Powers?

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