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COSPLAY EVENTS: Grand Cosplay Runway at SM City Baliwag

Talk about fashion and cosplay, well this is something that would be totally different in terms of competition and view of the whole cosplay concept.  GRAND COSPLAY RUNWAY will be on December 21, 2014 at SM City Baliwag, Baliwag, Bulacan.

What is Cosplay Runway anyway?  The objective of the Cosplay Runway is to promote cosplay as both a fashion and a hobby. It aims to promote cosplaying and also the uniqueness and creativity added to it by the cosplayer itself.

Cosplayers this time will be encourage to enhance, edit and add original touch to their character of choice.  Although it should be remembered that this is still a "cosplay" competition where original characters are not allowed thus the main ingredient of the character being cosplayed should be present.

Grand Cosplay Runway is organized by SM City Baliwag together with Naruto Cosplayers PH (NCPH).  There will be 6 major awards and 7 special awards:  The Costaku Shop and Micari's Anime Shoppe will be sponsoring the event while The Cosplay and Anime Cafe, Deremoe, Anime PH, and Forezine Digital Anime Magazine will be official media partners.

Grand Cosplay Runway awards will be as follows:

Major Awards
  1. Cosplay Runway Award: Icon - The highest total score on all the criterias will be the winner.
  2. Cosplay Runway Award: Costume – given to the cosplayer who has the most accurate costume and blends with him/her. The highest score on the Costume criteria will be the winner.
  3. Cosplay Runway Award: Characterization – cosplayer with the most resemblance to the character in his/her actions and performance. . The highest score on the Characterization criteria will be the winner.
  4. Cosplay Runway Award: Creativity – most creative cosplayer in his/her costume, performance and catwalk. The highest score on the Creativity criteria will be the winner.
  5. Cosplay Runway Award: Originality – most original costume by a cosplayer integrating the character of the original. The highest score on the Originality criteria will be the winner.
  6. Cosplay Runway Award: People’s Choice – the cosplayer with the highest total score on Audience Impact.
Special Awards
  1. Cosplay Runway Award: Elegance – most elegant cosplayer with everything combined.
  2. Cosplay Runway Award: Masculinity – most masculine cosplayer.
  3. Cosplay Runway Award: Femininity – most feminine cosplayer.
  4. Cosplay Runway Award: Gender Bend – most effective cosplayer with a gender bend cosplay.
  5. Cosplay Runway Award: Craftsmanship – cosplayer who had the most detailed, difficult and elegant costume which was made by him/her.
  6. Cosplay Runway Award: Integration – cosplayer whose cosplay can be integrated into daily fashion.
  7. The Costaku Shop Award - will be given to Lolita inspired cosplay specially selected by our sponsor COSTAKU SHOP (https://www.facebook.com/thecostakushop). Winner will receive P2,000 worth of items from them.
Winners of major awards will receive P2,000 worth of SM Gift Certificates from SM City Baliwag while the winners of special awards will receive P1,000 SM GC each.  For those who want to register online just visit http://bit.ly/smcitybaliwaggrandcosplayrunway.

Some examples of Cosplay Runway costimes?  Here are some brilliant examples:

Hunter X Hunter in casual cotumes

Princess Wonderwoman
For more information on this event you can visit the officla event page at https://www.facebook.com/events/357706721060379/.  

Do you have any comment or feedback about this event?  Let us know.

See you at the event.

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