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Philippine Cosplay Community: A Deteriorating Community?

There were lots of posts lately which pertains to certain issues in the Philippine cosplay community.  These issues varies and sometimes contains issues about an event, about a cosplayer, about a costume, about a costume maker and lots more.  Most of the posts are like UFC matches wherein punches are exchanged although in a form of social media posts. With this it lead me to ask, “Is the Philippine cosplay community deteriorating?

I know at some point that by writing this some people would comment negatively but I would write anyway.  If you ask me personally, I would say that at some point when you look at the surface of the current status of the community you might be tempted to conclude that compared to some five years ago, the cosplay and local Otaku community is deteriorating in a state of no repair.

A state where constructive criticism and real concern seems to be a very rare thing.  I am always a person who encourages criticism and freedom of expression, however a form that is constructive.  
Hmmmm… how can a criticism be constructive?  Is there such a way to do it?
Definitely there is a way to be constructive.
  • If you have a comment say it in a nice way.  There is no point in bashing someone after all the aim of the comment is technically to improve something.
  • If you see a problem do not only point it out but propose a solution.  Most of us commonly rant over the problem over and over again but most of the time fails to suggest what could be done the next time around.
  • Focus on the issue and not on the personality.  This avoids hurting people and bullying or any form of irreparable damage to an individual.  Always be issue focused.

Courage is not seen by how strong you defend someone online by advocating for personality destruction or threatening someone else instead courage is displayed by your ability to make positive things out of an otherwise negative issue.  It is when a person makes something better and voice it out that true courage and bravery is seen.

The more mainstream cosplay becomes the more negativity is being spread around simply because of the human instinct factors of envy, pride and ego.  Everyone wants to be noticed, be the center of attention, be recognized and more, however as reality would point out that not everyone will get it.

I still believe that this is a community were we could all share our passion for what we collectively share.  A community where friendship and love abounds.  I still believe that there is more positive things and good people around that negative things and bad people destroying the community.

This is the community I am in and so I believe that the Philippine Cosplay Community is not deteriorating but undergoing a process of metamorphosis towards something better.

"If you don't like it, change it.  If you can't change it, change your attitude."
Thanks for reading and sharing this article.  If you have any comment or feedback just post it in the comment below and it will greatly be appreciated.

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