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COSPLAYER PROFILES: Leance Rogielle Erni

Leance as Judal
Leance Rogielle Erni is perhaps one of the new cosplayers which had already cosplayed a bunch of characters already.  I first met him during a cosplay event at Tanghalang Pasigueno where I am the host of the event as Master Pogi.  His fit and well shaped body enables him to cosplay not only make characters but also female characters and at some point she or I mean he is even thought to be a girl in some photos.

"I cosplay because it is fun.  I Feel like Im not myself when i wear my costumes. I feel different," says 15-year old Leance.  His name is rather confusing and at some point I want to ask where did his parents get that.  Anyway, cosplaying for fun and enjoyment is rather very rare nowadays since Cosplay is turning out to be seen as a jumpstart for those who want to enter showbiz of be famous.

So what or who inspired him to cosplay, "Actually Sir David is the one who inspired me," well who's that?  Anyway I never thought that someone would be inspired by me to cosplay since he had not also told me about this and I only knew it while I was writing his profile. 

One of the most memorable experiences perhaps which Leance would never forget and well I would not as well, is when he cosplayed Judal.  In that cosplay he turned out to be sexy that people thought he is indeed a female.  Well, that is also one of his best cosplay I guess.

He had already cosplayed characters like Zero ( Code Geass ), Luffy (One Piece), Jin ( Grand Chase), Black Rock Shooter, and Judal (Yu Yu Hakusho.  His cosplay is getting better and no doubt that he is ding that because one of his dreamsis to indeed become the representative of the Philippines to the World Cosplay Summit.  Good luck on that Leance!

Leance cosplayys as Jin from Grand Chase and Luffy from One Piece

Leance cosplays the popular character from Black Rock Shooter

That devilish look from a cosplayer like Leance

I remember one time when I gave him an unsolicited advice and told him that if he wanted to be an effective cosplayer he must choose a character which suits him the most and in which people would remember him for that cosplay.  I guess his Judal cosplay would be the realization of that.
In parting Leance would like to send out this message to all cosplayers:
Continue dreaming, Achive your Dreams
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