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Cosplay Life: Bashing , Rants and Bullying

Did cosplay headed the way it should be?  Was it better today than before?  Was mainstreaming a plus?  Today we see tons and tons of cosplay events week after week with cosplayers abounding conventions and even flooding Facebbok.  Indeed cosplay is now mainstream.

Just recently, I have read tons and tons of rants regarding cosplayers.  Rants about how the cosplayer look, or how he had a body odor or how he used to cosplay without even giving consideration for other priorities in life.  The rant wa so vulgar that by just reading it you would ask yourself the motive of why such a person would have this so much hate and rant for these people?  Was he or she offended?  Did that person experience something and this is a method of getting back?

Facebook had been more than just a social network.  Most of the time Facebook is also the shock absorver of individuals.  For some it is a diary of sorts, much like a blog in the olden days.  Some would post their heartaches, their frustrations and their hatred in Facebook and broadcast it to the world.  At some point I am also part of this bunch of people where Facebook had been an outlet of sorts but for me, it is more to share my life, in the hopes that other will learn from it.

Is it important in cosplay that you are perfect for a character?  Would it matter what your background is?  Would it matter if you are rich or poor or if you pay for a photographer or not?

Whatever we do in our cosplay life is our own responsibility and we should be ready for the consequences.  If we cosplay Sailormoon and we are fat then naturally there would be reactions.  If we underdo a character or overdo it then naturally there would be reactions.  The secret here is choose the right character and do the right mix to avoid any extreme reactions.  People like to react for it gains attention and people likes attention.

If you engage in an online battle specially in Facebook be ready to fight a personal battle.  The discussion never stops with the issue for when your detractors can no longer argue with you logically then they would be personal.  They would accuse you of everything even bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki or causing the great flood of Noah.

People will always judge you.  People will always talk about you behind your back.  Commonly these are people who in someway are envious of what you have or in the extreme end, you have done something bad to them.  Best way to fight it, is to ignore them for you are not living your life for them, however, if you have done something wrong then reconcile and make amends.

In cosplay nowadays everyone wants to get noticed.  Everyone wants to have the best costume.  There are those which will use their assets in anyway they can just to have what they like.  Some cosplay for fame and the attention that it gives them.

As a cosplayer my advice are:

  1. Do not give too much focus on people which do not like you.
  2. If you answer an issue, answer it once and stick to the issue.  
  3. Never argue if you have already explained, most of the time this would be futile and useless.
  4. Do not fuel bashers, ranters and bullies because if you do then you are an accessory to the evil they are doing.
  5. There is a good and bad rant.  Once in a while we need to let the steam out, however, do not dwell on it so much.
  6. If you know the person who bashes, rants or bully you then talk to them personally.
  7. If they would not stop then seek appropriate legal means to stop them.
  8. Spread love and peace
That's all I have to say.  The more you hate, the more the fire will burn and the more it will affect you.  Love and peace everyone!  And remember...

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  1. I've been cosplaying for 8 years, and cosplay was better way back when it wasn't mainstream. It was a quiet albeit unaccepted by some kind of hobby. The problem with newer generation of cosplayers is that they always find a way to bring other people down. I was shocked when my friend told me that this is happening in the community because in the span of time I was cosplaying this almost never happen to me or to my friends or they try to avoid it

    1. The more you get known and the more you are noticed the more issues will be hurdled at you. I am glad that you had been spared from this kind of problems.


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