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It's been a while since I have written for COSPLAYER PROFILES in this blog.  This time I will be writing a short introduction to two cosplayers who will also be featured at the maiden issue of FOREZINE DIGITAL ANIME MAGAZINE under my section under the same title.  Let me then introduce you to Taicho and Johara. 

Laurence Diolata or Taicho is one of the founders of Otaku Tanoshi and at first glance you will mistaken him for Hero Bautista.  The desire to meetup with friends and meet new friends plus the chance to portray his favorite character  by becoming the character  is what made Taicho love cosplay.

"A very effective stress reliever. It's a hobby here to stay," he said when asked about cosplay in general.  As a cosplayer he already managed to cosplay the following characters: Hibari Kyoya(Vongola Gear: Cambio Forma version), Vergil(in-game version) from Devil May Cry 3, and Seto Kaiba from Yu-Gi-Oh.

One of Taicho's dream is to cosplay a Super Sentai or Power Ranger character, preferably Gedou Shinken Red.  In order to do that he plans to slim down and make some adjustments in his lifestyle.  "Future Dream is for me to cosplay Gundam Strike Freedom with mechanical hydraulics or actuators at the back to move the wing part," he added.

Johara Trissa Pescasio, Johara, Trissa or Johssa is a typical Filipina cosplayer.  She has the usual light brown complexion, a more than usual 5 feet and 6 inches height, and an extraordinary attitude of being a positive thinker.  She is also a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology at the University of Santo Tomas.  Johara followed the belief “putting timidity as your front act will never get you anywhere.” 

This cosplay girl sees cosplaying as a stress reliever.  "Honestly, when I was younger I didn't see myself in clothes or costumes similar to that of the anime or online game characters. I was just invited by a friend to cosplay during the Level Up! Live event last November 2010. Then I thought "why not?" It would make a new environment for me, a new experience and let me meet new people,." Johara said.

The first character which she cosplayed was the Valkyrie Randgris from Ragnarok Online. second, the Blood Isis from Rising Force (RF) Online. She plans to cosplay more characters in the future and share her passion with others as well.

Know more about these two cosplayers and learn from them by reading the maiden issue of Forezine Digital Anime Magazine.  I am sure that you will learn a lot from them.  Please do visit www.facebook.com/AFanimag.

For those who WANT TO BwillE FEATURED HERE or in FOREZINE please send us a pm at www.facebook.com/OtakuCosplay.

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