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It's been a while since I havne featured a cosplayer here in COSPLAYER PROFILE so here is a cosplayer which I want to introduce to everyone, SHION AOI DY. Shion is a long time anime fan and cosplaying for her is a way of showing her love for the culture. She started cosplaying in November 2010.

"I rarely cosplay lead characters because I almost always find the supporting characters to have more depth and substance than them. This is my way of channeling my respect and admiration to those background characters that is the spice that fires up every good anime," she said.

Among the characters that he cosplayed are: 
  • Touhou project - Inubashiri Momizi
  • Hyakka ryouran samurai girls - Kanetsugu Naoe
  • Fairy tail - ikaruga
  • Fairy tail- Mirajane Satan soul
  • Muv luv alternative - lt. Yui takamura
  • FF zero - Sice
  • To aru majutsu no rail gun - Misaka Mikoto
  • Rosario to vampire - Moka Akashiya (released)
Shion said that for her the most memorable experience a cosplayer could experience is when people in conventions and events would know the character that she is cosplaying immediately. People reacting that way makes her feel that she at least gave enough effort, love and respect to the character.

We did as her if she has any future plans but Shion is very straight forward in saying, "I am living my dreams what more could I ask for"

So what can Shion Aoi Dy say to other cosplayers? Well here is her message...

Cosplaying is an art that combines love, skill and knowledge of a certain character. Sadly, people here have misconstrued this and often mistakes this as a stepping stone to something bigger but I beg to differ.... So cosplay that unknown character you love and show your affection in the most unadulterated way possible by having lots of fun :)

Thanks for reading and if you want to be featured here at COSPLAYER PROFILES just CLICK THIS LINK.

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