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This is perhaps the first time that I will write the profile of a cosplayer that is very important to me.  I am writing this not because of my affinity with her but because one of the hobbies she had is aligned to my greatest passion – COSPLAYING.  Let me introduce you all to Haruhi Misaki.

casual pose of Haruhi Misaki
Haruhi Misaki is perhaps your ordinary cosplayer who would go to conventions, dress up in her favorite anime character and enjoy the company of fellow cosplayers. 

She is an anime fan and loves watching anime too, perhaps that is why she suddenly became interested in cosplaying.  Her friends enjoy her company and love her warm nature although at times she is the typical hard headed girl.

Haruhi hails from San Pedro Laguna and is a student of the Asian Institute of Computer Studies.  
One of her first cosplay is Haruhi Suzimiya, that is why she then choose to be called Haruhi Misaki.  She Is not as pale as the anime character but she was able to pull off the cosplay through her smile and sheer cuteness.  One of her other cosplay is the crossdress of Na ruto’s Uchiha Sasuke.  As Uchiha Sasuke she wore a sharingan and also had herself painted with the curse seal that I one of the typical traits of Sasuke.  It might not be perfect but the angst of the character and the posture really bring this cosplay to life.

When asked what is her most memorable experience, she would boldly say, "Finding the person I love the most is the most memorable experience cosplay had brought me."

Naruto Sexy No Jutsu was perhaps one of the most famous and favorite cosplays of Haruhi Misaki.  It opens up her cute, naughty and playful side.  When cosplaying Sexy No Jutsu some would argue that the costume is a little bit daring but the character is supposed to be like that, an alluring and seductive Jutsu of the playful Uzumaki Naruto.

Haruhi MIsaki as Naruto Sexy no Jutsu
Haruhi Misaki crossdress as Sasuke
Haruhi Misaki said that she wants to be a known cosplayer and want to really bring out the life of the character she cosplays. “I want to prove to my parents and relatives that I can be a known cosplayer through my efforts,” she said.  There is nothing wrong to aim for fame but as she progressed through her cosplay she also said that there was even more to that since by simply cosplaying she had discovered the fun and the happiness of bringing life to characters that she loved.

“I do not know what to do when I had my first photoshoot with a known cosplay photographer like Dee Jocson.  That is why I felt like he is at some point irritated at me,” Haruhi laughed when she told about her experience during Best of Anime 2013.

“When I first judged a cosplay event as well at Fatima University in Valenzuela I was able to see things that I would not normally see in myself.  There I learned what I need to improve on.  Sometimes it is better to be on the outside seeing cosplayers perform,” she added.

Some of her cosplay plans includes Black Rock Shooter, female Kratos, and Riven from League of Legends.  She also hopes to win the World Cosplay Summit (WCS) and Torch titles in the near future.

Haruhi Misaki cosplays as cute Japanese girl in Kimono
“Just be yourself, don’t be afraid and love what you cosplay,” she said when asked about her message to other cosplayers like her.

She is a simple, vibrant, and strong cosplayer, that is how I would describe Haruhi Misaki.

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Haruhi MIsaki cosplays Haruhi Suzumiya

Haruhi MIsaki cosplaying as Uchiha Sasuke

Haruhi MIsaki cosplays a Japanese girl in Kimono

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