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Cosplaymania Cosplay Solo Showdown Heroic Hybrid Winner: The Story of a Cosplay Injustice

I am posting this article which is originally published as a NOTE in my Facebook account, "The Story of my Disqualification as Cosplay Solo Showdown Heroic Hybrid Categoy Champion."  This is the most unfortunate event which happened to me in my cosplay career and also the event which have saddened and disappointed me the most.
Added to the fact that I have let go of many things that day including a VTR for a commercial which Dee Jocson told me in Makati and a cosplay stint at Matanglawin in the afternoon.  I forego all of that for my kids and for the possibility of at least helping them out in the problems we have at home.
Here is the story...
There are people who are asking what happened.  I am not about to tell this but I waited for justice to be given to what happened to me back then.  I put a hard effort on all of this even risking things just to be present and entertain everyone.Friday, October 4, 2013 Christian Umali told me and even Emman that I am included in the COSMANIA Cosplay Solo Showdown.  
I was surprised and happy because I did not receive any e-mail nor any text from the organizers.  I asked Christian for a number who I can contact and I was given the number of Cheska from Cos.ph.  I was told that I have to submit the BGM no later than that night or else I will be disquut alified.  
Right after the event I hurriedly went to find a computer shop and before 2am I was able to submit it including the background image.  I went home and sleep at 4am.I woke up 6 am to prepare for the competition and eat breakfast.  
I was informed that the cut-off for registration is only until 1am or else I will be disqualified.  So, without eating lunch I went and have to catch the deadline.  It was traffic but I am lucky to have arrived about 10 minutes before 1am.  I registered for a CRS and then confirmed my attendance.After that I was informed that by 3pm everyone should be in the holding are or will be disqualified.  So, I suit up and get in costume and finished around 2:30 pm.  I went back inside and was in the holding area by that time.  

Before going there I passed by the confirmation area and was informed that the cut-off was extended, I dunno till what time.  I just noticed that some arrive even by 3pm.I never have a chance to eat nor to go out that much because I do not want to be disqualified.  Around 4pm our numbers were given and then I think by 6pm the competition started.  
At around 7pm I am already feeling pain in my stomach and it aggravated.  Then, I decided to eat.  I get my money from Ashley's mom who was holding my wallet for me and told her that I will eat.  I even informed Emman and even the girl watching at the holding area who asked me where I am going.  "Masakit na talaga tyan ko kasi may ulcer ako... kakain lang ako."  On the way to eating I saw Don Robert Torio and even told him that I will just be eating in case the announcement was made. I
went to eat with Mico Villarica and Topher Duran.  I have to have companions since I really felt that I am about to collapse.  We went to KFC and the line was a bit long.  After eating I hurriedly went back to the event center and I was informed that the organizers were looking for me.  This is around 8:30pm i think.  There I was informed by Sir Guy Singson that I won the Heroic Hybid Category but since I am not present during the awarding they have to give it to someone else.
They said they were looking and asking everyone for me but no one know where I am, however Emman on Saturday told me that someone asked him and he said I am eating.  I also had miscalls on my phone but since I have no pocket to place it I left it on a safe place.Cosplaymania usually ends beyond 9pm which is the usual end of the event and I arrive before that so I think it is still logical.  
I explained the whole event to the organizers but they won't listen since they said it was a rule.  That rule as never posted anywhere, it might have been said verbally but then would I prefer collapsing than eating that time?  I followed every rule except for the fact that I have to eat because of my situation.
Because of eating and looking after my well being I was not given the title and the prize which I deserve. Until today, when I am writing this I still endure the pain of my ulcer.

How come I am not awarded when THE DECISION OF THE JUDGES ARE FINAL?

I was also informed that there was even a dress rehearsal at 8am which was not also followed.  Imagine if I also know about that and followed it, I may not even have a sleep for more than 24 hours.
I am in a financial crisis at the moment.  I am just starting my work and the company is also starting so at some point my salary is not given on time.  I decided to join the Solo Showdown in the hope that if I win I can augment my expenses.
A day before Friday, when Umali informed me we had given a final warning on our electricity bill or it will be disconnected.  If that is disconnected we will also be evicted from our home.  My 3 kids were very worried and they talked to me to do something because they can't affort that to happen.When I heard that I am qualified for the SOLO SHOWDOWN I did all the requirements and put my effort into it.  Hoping that if I win I can do something for my family.  
When the event ended, all my effort and hard work was destroyed right in front of my eyes just because I have to eat due to my ulcer.Luckily some friends helped me and I was able to at least prevent the dilemma we have to face however until now we are on a crisis and added to that is this very unfortunate event. 

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