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OTAKU INTERVIEWS: Rhianna Floresca, 2012 Animax Ani-mate winner and Alodia's Apprentice

OTAKU INTERVIEWS: Rhianna Floresca - After our first feature of Rhianna, way back when she is still an Animax Ani-mate finalist I would say that I have seen the strong chance of her winning the competition.  Her bubbly personality and kindness is what perhaps glide her to spot.  As Animax Ani-mate that also made her the first ever direct apprentice of Philippine cosplay icon, Alodia Gosiengfiao.

So let me take you on a personal interview with Rhianna Floresca just after winning the Animax Ani-mate at the Philippine Animax Carnival 2012.  So did she expect to win?
"Not so much. All the other finalists were so talented and great at cosplaying and hosting so it was hard to expect anything at all," said Rhianna.

It was her first time to cosplay a character with an armor and weapon during the Animax Carnival and she said that it was already a heavy one for her.  She was nervous the whole time and was trying her best to portray the character well.  Well what can you say?  Did she manage to do that?  Personally, I think she did a pretty good job.

If God puts you to it, He will get you through it,” a thought which she continuously repeated on her mind right after the seven finalists made their catwalk on stage.  When her name was finally called, Rhianna was overwhelmed and shocked and tears started to fall.  Tears of joy and an unexpected surprise for her.

 “Aww…Don’t cry,” the exact phrase Alodia told her when she finished giving her thank you speech.  It was also the most unforgettable moment she said with Alodia at that time.

It was interesting to ask, what Rhianna think made her stand out among the other finalists and her is what she have to say,

"I think it’s my voice or the quality of my voice? Haha! I’m not really sure about this because each finalist in the competition were really different and had their own plus factors. Proof that we were really different from each other is the fact that no one checked our final costumes for the Animax Carnival and we all went there with no one having the same costume. Haha!"
Of course, Rhianna is the neest Animax Ani-mate and she will stand alongside Alodia.  According to her, fans can expect more of Rhianna during Animax events and conventions.  "I’ll be cosplaying more characters in the future – don’t forget to check my page as I will be posting teasers of my next cosplay there soon. And, I’ll still be oozing with cuteness!", she said.

BTS shots from Ani-Time with Alodia Gosiengfiao Episode 1001

To everyone here is Rhianna Floresca's message,
"I'd like to thank everyone for their continuous support! To those who sent their congratulatory messages thank you so much! I hope that you continue to support me as your new Ani-mate, watch Ani-Time with Alodia and attend Animax events." 
So there you go folks with our very first OTAKU INTERVIEWS.  Don't forget to visit and like Rhianna Floresca's page at www.facebook.com/rhianna.floresca.

Also do check out a glimpse of Rhianna Floresca at Ani-Time Episode 1001 and watch Ani-Time with Alodia on ANIMAX, Weekdays at 7PM on Sky Cable and Cignal TV! Check out Animax Philippines and Animax Asia for latest updates.

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