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OTAKU EVENT: CNPH The Cosplay Market

Are you a cosplayer or do are you planning to cosplay?  Well, here is your chance to get and check out the bargains for your latest and new costume at "The Cosplay Market."  The event is brought to you by the minds behind the very successful online cosplay market, "CNPH - Cosplay Market", Cosplay Network Philippines.

THE COSPLAY MARKET will be held at Jackman Plaza, a venue just beside LRT 1 Roosevelt Station and right across Waltermat Munoz.  CNPH is inviting all cosplayers, enthusiasts, and sellers to participate in an event that is the first of its kind. A happening where one could find all your cosplay wants and needs in just one spot. Best of all is that just by being there you'd be helping the Missionaries of Charity, the beneficiary for this event.

Wow!  That is simply amazing.  Entrance fee?  Well there is a modest entrance fee of 30pesos, so do not whine for it is all worth it my dear readers.

For more information on this event please do visit The Cosplay Market Event Page.

Enjoy this event and am sure you will be satisfied.

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