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OTAKU ICONS: Emerson Anthony Lacson and Ferrari Lacson

OTAKU ICONS: Emerson Anthony Lacson and Ferrari Lacson.  This will be our first ever OTAKU ICON article, which will honor and salute people who contributed to the community and made the community a better place.  For this first article, we would like to recognize EMERSON ANTHONY LACSON and FERRARI LACSON as icons in OTAKU MARSHALING and EVENTS.

For 15 years, these twins had been involved in event marshalling particularly on Otaku-related events.  They are the most common face of event staff on key events like Best of Anime, Ozine and now also Animax and Naruto Cosplayers PH events, among others.

Emerson and Anthony Lacson had been two people which are humble enough to deserve this recognition.  They had never been boastful about their achievement nor have they been arrogant.  You can talk to them like ordinary individuals but do not overstep because during events they will enforce event rules and regulations even if they are your friend.  That is perhaps the most admirable characteristic of this twin tandem, they are serious when it comes to work but gentle and caring when it comes to friendship and having fun.
Emerson and Ferrari during Ozine Fest 2012

Emerson and Ferrari during Misaki Christmas Con

They work very professionally and see to it that the event will be a success.  They even go beyond their usual duties and are ready to do a bunch of other things as well.  Ironic however is the fact that for 15 years they become at the sidelines of events and never asked something more than that... perhaps this is our way to give something more than that.

Emerson Anthony Lacson and Ferrari Lacson have set a high standard and dedication for marrshaling.  They had perfected the combination of being a marshal and a fan to those who attend and guest at events.  They do share the fun like everyone of us to have some photos with their idols, however it is placed at the right time and moment and never did interfered in their work.

Our young Otaku Icons practicing their voices for their future stint as iconic marshals

Emerson and Ferrari doing the Ultraman pose

So a toast and salute to our first feature on OTAKU ICONS, Emerson Anthony Lacson and Ferrari Lacson!

Images are taken from the Facebook profile of our twin icons.

Do you know of someone who deserves to be given an OTAKU ICON recognition?  If you do, then email us at shen@narutocosplayers.com.

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