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Make way to our featured cosplayer here in Cosplayer Profiles: Nao Yoru Fujimori. Nao is a BS HRM Student, anime collector, loves photography that led her to be a photographer, blogger, cosplayer and a certified gamer.

Nao's love for gaming and anime leads her to cosplay her favorite characters. "I cosplay to express not to impress," she said.

Even Nao is busy with work, she often times attending to cosplay conventions. She started cosplaying since 2006.

So what inspired you to cosplay?
I am inspired with anime and RPG games.

Because she is also a costume maker, cosplaying her favorite characters is easy for her. She cosplayed Orochimaru, Naruto, Sakura Kinomoto, Haruno Sakura, Ebisu, Hinamori Amu of Amulet Diamond, Kazemon, Rukia of Bleach, Chii, Sara Irene, Altrene, and Hatsune Miku.

Being in this industry brought her memories that she will never forget. Like that time, "it was last 2006 when all cosplayers have free food and great dressing room for cosplayers. I would never forget it!" And also when she won at Xavier School's Cosplay Competition.

Her dream is "to cosplay in other countries like Japan and Singapore to be friends with them and meet new people.."

What is your message to other cosplayers?
Cosplay is for FUN not for FAME or TITLE.
Just enjoy and make friends with other cosplayers..
Keep Cosplaying~!!!! Nyao0o0~

Nao cosplaying as Sarah Irene from Ragnarok

Nao as Rukia from Bleach

Nao as Altrene from Busou Shinki

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