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POST EVENT: Animax Carnival Philippines 2012 with Alodia Gosiengfiao

Animax Carnival Philippines 2012 had been a very successful event.  Robinsons Place Ermita had been full of people mostly by cosplayers and anime fans.  Though there was no on-site cosplay competition there were tons of awesome cosplayers.  Well, what would you expect for an event hosted by Ms. Alodia Gosiengfiao, one of the Philippines greatest cosplay icons.

One thing I would like to highlight in this event is the effectivity of the marshall team from Otaku Urule.  They were simply impenetrable and protected the Animax Ani-mate finalists as well as the competitors for the Animax Carnival Cosplay Competition.  Salute to them for a job well done.

The Otakuplay PH Media Team was onsite and taking photos of cosplayers at the event, although there was only one allowed to go inside the area and do photo ops with the Animate Finalists and cover the event right in front of the stage.  Lucky for us because I got a chance to be right exactly ion that vacant seat covering the introduction and then Alodia sat on that seat and was able to have a short chat and also take a photo of her.

Alodia's costume for the Animax Carnival Philippines was perfect.  It shows her beauty and cuteness.  Her hosting was also excellent and her smile was definitely one that will make you stay throughout the event.

The Animax Carnival Philippines Cosplay Competition was also something to remember as it includes more than 10 best cosplayers in the community.  All of them are simply awesome in their costume.  Commendable was the Kamen Rider cosplay, Tantin Menese's Erza, Don Robert Torio's Ironman which was getting more automatic, Christian Umali's War Machine, the Shiva Sisters and Mecha Batman.

I was impressed by three cosplay at that time.  First was Don Robert's Ironman.  The mechanization of the costume was really a great sight and that made his cosplay one of my early favorites.  I can say that this was really a costume where effort was put into.

Second, the Shiva Sisters cosplay of Krizdel Ingresso and company.  The weight of the costume were surely heavy and the transformation frome two cosplayers to one single motorcycle was really amazing.

What captured my attention the most was the Mecha Batman from the details to the polishing.  It was a character fitted to be included in a future Batman movie.

However in the end, the judges chose the winners and since all were awesome I am satisfied with the winners:  Tantin Meneses, Best Anime; Shiva Sisters, Best in Non-Anime; and Erika Garbin, Best in Original Character.

The most awaited Animax Ani-mate Finalist presentation was up next and they are all equally deserving to be Alodia's partner though in the end one will win.  Each finalist had their own supporters and fans with Maronne Cruz getting the loudest cheer.

Animax Ani-mate finalists Maronne, Rachelle and Mayumi
Animax Ani-mate finalist Rhianna and Ira
By the end of the event, Rhianna Floresca was announced as the winner of the Animax Ani-mate Search.  Rhianna was the first Animax Ani-mate finalist we featured here.

Another first class event happening in the Philippines through Animax Carnival Philippines.  If there is one thing I wish for next year is it be held on a bigger venue.  I think the venue did not suffice the sheer number of event spectators.

By the way I was also able to meet one of my idols, Apollo Abraham the resident dubber of Mr. Satan aka Master Pogi.

Congratulations everyone and to all the winners as well!

Thanks to the OTAKUPLAY and NCPH MEDIA TEAM: Eleazar, Ranne, Justin, Jalfred, JM, and Geo.

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