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COSPLAY EVENT: T.A.C. Culture Convention

A big cosplay event is coming way at SM City Clark in Pampanga.  For the first time there will be a 3-day event consisting of toy display, comic panels and competition which includes battle of the bands, karaoke and cosplay.  Make way for T.A.C. CULTURE CONVENTION on December 28-30, 2012 at THE EVENT CENTER, SM City Clark.  TAC means Toys, Anime and Comics.
This is probably the first ever 3-day con outside of Metro Manila.  So what do we expect from TAC Culture Convention?  Here is what TACC has to offer directly from their FACEBOOK PAGE:
  • Toy Displays. The first day is aiming to be an impressive Toy Display exposing the seemingly-unknown gems collected by the local hobby scene. There will be a chance to revisit and relive the days of yore, re-imagining the joy of childhood through toys.
  • Comic 'Panels'. The 'Panel' is the basic element of a comic book page. It can contain anything from backgrounds to characters, exhibiting anything from emotions to distinctions, where all those drawn lines meet.  TACCCon's Comic 'Panel' aims to be an exposition of what the community has and is with regards to the comics scene. There will be comic buffs, artists trying to reach their audiences with their arts, traders/buyers/sellers, fans wanting to meet up with fellow like-minded enthusiasts, and anything else comic under the sun.
  • Competitions. These days air aiming to showcase local talent for the arts. The Karaoke Competition and Battle of The Bands themed events will then be held, giving hobbyists the chance to express themselves through genre-driven and scene-derived music. There will also be a Costume Roleplay (aka CosPlay) competition: a chance to personify your most-cherished character, to be that character, and compete with others aiming for that exact same goal.
At a glance, there will be TOY DISPLAY from December 28-30.  The Comic Panels will be on December 29 together with the Karaoke Competition in the morning and Battle of the Bands in the afternoon.

The Cosplay Competition for TACC will be held on December 30 in the afternoon.  We also get a scoop that the Cosplay Competition will be hosted by no other than Animax Ani-mat finalist, Koleen Mercado.

For those who will be joining the competitions at the T.A.C. Culture Convention PLEASE SEE THE LINKS BELOW:
  • 2012 TACCCon Karaoke Competition
  1. Rules and Guidelines
  2. Online Registration Form:
  • 2012 TACCCon Battle of the Bands
  1. Rules and Guidelines
  2. Online Registration Form
  • 2012 TACCCon Cosplay Competition
  1. Rules and Guidelines
  2. Online Registration Form
This will be one interesting event that seeks to redefine conventions.  So shall I say, see you all at the Toys, Anime, Comics Culture Convention on December 28-30 at SM City Clark, Pampanga.

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