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Gundam Wing Cosplay at Hobbyfest 2011: Mecha or non-Mecha?

Yesterday at the Hobbyfest 2011, I was awed to see the lady Gundam Wing Cosplayer to win as Best Female and another cosplayer winning in the Best Mecha Category. Was her cosplay non-Mecha eventhough it is Gundam Wing?

One of the judges told me that she had been categorized under Best Female since her head is still visible despite the mechanical make-up of the cosplay. For me however if that is the case, then she would be having a major mistake on her cosplay for there is no such character in Gundam Wing.

I was corrected when I asked about this saying, "Nakalabas kasi ang ulo nya kaya hindi siya pwede iconsider ne mecha." (Her head was still visible that is why we cannot consider her as mecha). Well, what do you think based on the photos?

I am not against her winning but I do believe that she won in the wrong category. The craftsmanship and creativity of her costume was really superb and commendable.  It is the term and rules that I am confused and has nothing to do with the cosplayer.

Meanwhile, I also researched on the term "mecha" since I might be having the wrong idea. Here is what I found out...
A mech (plural: mechs), is a science fiction term for a large piloted walking vehicle, including ones on treads and animal shapes.

They are called mecha in Japanese. Mechs often appear in anime, science fiction, and other genres involving fantastic or futuristic elements. Mechs are generally, though not necessarily, bipedal and are best described as a mix between a tank and a robot. Some mechs have arms, hands, and fingers capable of grasping objects. A mech that approximates the shape of a human body may allow the use of martial arts movements and swordsmanship, ceremonial acts of honor, saluting, and other human mannerisms.

In most fiction in which they appear, mechs are war machines: essentially armored fighting vehicles with legs instead of treads or wheels. Some stories, such as the manga Patlabor and American wargame BattleTech, also encompass mechs used for civilian purposes such as heavy construction work, police functions or firefighting.

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