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Cosplay Event: 5th TAGCOM Official Cosplay Guidelines from Cosplay.ph

The 5th TAGCOM Cosplay Contests will be held on Sunday, MAY 22, 2011 at Robinsons Midtown Mall Atrium, Ermita, Manila from 10:00 am - 9:00 pm. This cosplay event's admission is free so no need to worry about the entrance fee. Registration begins at 10:00am and closes at 2:00pm. Be early and register asap since there will only be 150 individual cosplayers allowed to participate.

I am sure that many of you are waiting for this event. If there is one thing I personally could have wish is if they would allow individual cosplayers to perform as well and not just do catwalk. Performance for me is important not only in group cosplay but also in the individual level. Anyway, I am sure this would be another cool event from Hobbiworx and Cosplay.ph.

Here is the Cosplay Guidelines which can also be viewed directly at http://www.cosplay.ph/news.php?readmore=1489:

  1. Best Male
  2. Best Female
  3. Best Kid
  4. Best Historical (min 5 contestants to open)
  5. Best Group (min 5 groups to open)
Here are the guidelines for cosplay competition:

1. Registration begins at 10:00am and closes at 2:00pm.

2. The participants must be in costume upon registration. To avoid inconvenience, it is encouraged that participants arrive at the venue in costume.

3. The participants must have the following upon registration:
  • Three (3) COPIES of a full body picture of the character.
  • Registration forms. The participant should fill-out three (3) copies of the registration form provided at the event itself. It will be submitted upon registration together with the full body picture of the character.

4. For the Individual Cospaly:
  • Only the first 150 INDIVIDUAL Cosplayers will be allowed to register.
  • Registration will be done on a “first in, last out” basis, meaning, the first person to register will be the last person to go up onstage (be cosplayer # 150).
  • No request for special music shall be entertained

5. For the Group Cosplay:
  • The Group Cosplay contest shall be formally opened as soon as the registration team receives a total of FIVE (5) or more Group Cosplay contestants.
  • Group Cosplay contestants have a minimum of three (3) and a maximum of fifteen (15) members. Three (3) points will be deducted from the final score of the group for every excess member.
  • Registration will be done on a “first in, last out” basis, meaning, the first group to register will be the last person to go up onstage.
  • Group music must be in the form of CD or single file MP3. CDs containing multiple tracks will not be entertained. CD or music MP3 file must be given on the time of registration, otherwise, the registration team shall assume that you will not use any music for your skit.

6. The Cosplay Catwalk will be from 3pm-6pm. Individual cosplayers are given a maximum of one (1) minute stage time. Group cosplayers are given five (5) minutes stage time to perform their skit. Failure to comply with the time limit will result to the disqualification of the cosplayer or the group from the competition.

7. Cosplayers will be judged during the Cosplay Catwalk, from which the Best Male, Best Female, Best Child, Best Historical and Best Group Cosplay will be chosen.

8. The winner of the Cosplay competition will be decided by the judges in terms of these criteria:
  • Characterization – the cosplayer’s resemblance to the reference character in terms of personality and behaviour.
  • Costume and Craftsmanship – resemblance of the costume to that of the reference character. Quality of the costume and visual appeal.
  • Overall Appeal- innovativeness, creativity, and audience appeal. This including the catwalk presentation for individual cosplayers.
  • Skit (for Group Cosplay)-creativity and appeal of presentation.

Criteria Breakdown

Individual Cosplay:
  • Characterization=35%
  • Costume =35%
  • Overall Appeal=30%

Group Cosplay:
  • Characterization =30%
  • Costume Accuracy=30%
  • Overall Appeal=25%
  • Performance/Skit=15%

9. Prizes
  • Best Male – Php 4,000
  • Best Female – Php 4,000
  • Best Kid – Php 4,000
  • Best Historical (min 5 contestants to open) – Php 4,000
  • Best Group (min 5 groups to open) – Php 8,000

Judges’ decision is final.

Prizes and Contest rules may be subject to change without notice. Please check www.cosplay.ph for contest updates

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