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COSPLAYER PROFILES: Ayze Vergara Santos as Portgas D. Ace

A cosplayer with a passion for characters without shirts is how i would describe Ayze Santos. He started his cosplay hobby as Portgas D. Ace, from the anime One Piece and after that all his cosplay are all topless characters. I cannot blame him for that is one of his assets as a cosplayer.

"I love Anime and Japanese culture," says Ayze when asked why he started cosplaying. Added to that he wants to meet new friends and as a way to escape problems at school. Well that is a better method rather than drinking alcohol or using drugs, right? The fun of cosplaying is what made Ayze really hooked up to this hobby.

Why choose Portgas D. Ace in the first place?

Well for Ayze it was his favorite character in One Piece and that is reason enough for him to try cosplaying him. "He is the elder brother of Luffy and as an elder brother, he protects Luffy most of the time. Like me to my younger sister," added Ayze.

Next time you go to a cosplay convention don't forget to look for Ayze for he is one friendly cosplayer that you would really like to be a friend.

Thanks for reading and till our next Cosplay Profiles.

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