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What is Otakuplay = Anime + Cosplay blogsite?

Hi everyone! This post is just to introduce everyone to the people behind this blogsite so that we will know each other more. Otakuplay = Anime + Cosplay blogsite is maintained and administered by David 'Shen' D'Angelo together with a pool of writers who enjoys both anime and cosplay. Shen is a blogger, social activist and anime lover since the age of 3. His first anime was Ozamu Tezuka's Astroboy which he watched in black and white on channel 9 way back in 1985. Shen started cosplaying in August 2010 but he had been a blogger since 2007 and a freelance writer since 1994.

  • Jan Carlo Manalang
  • Jessica Tanaka
  • Edwin Theo Santos Rodriguez
  • Khen
  • Misa Devs
  • Rio Rosa Magpayo
  • Jeline Calderon
  • Deadpool

Join the Otakuplay = Anime + Cosplay Facebook Community by CLICKING HERE.

You can submit articles to be featured here at Otakuplay. We will be eager to publish YOUR anime/manga review, cosplayer profile or otaku bio.

Anime/Manga Review. Tell us your opinion about an anime you had recently watched or a manga you just read.  Here is a sample review.

Otaku Bio. Send us your biography as an otaku and how you get along with life as an Otaku. It can be in Filipino or English. Here is a sample Otaku Bio from Abby Eslava.

Cosplayer Profile. Are you a cosplayer? Well, we will be eager to feature you. Just send us at least 5 photos of you in your cosplay, tell us why you like cosplaying and why you choose the character. You can also add a little introduction to it.  Here is a sample cosplayer profile we made.

To submit just send an email to shenbrood16 at gmail dot com.

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