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Cosplay and a Personality Challenge: The Single Most Bloggable Event For Me

Me with presidential candidate, Nicanor "Nick" Perlas
This year was a busy year for me. I was involved in the presidential campaign of Nicanor Perlas and I was entrusted with a major task in the core group eventhough I had no prior experience in a major election. It was a challenge that really added a lot of new insights in my life about politics and others. As a social activist that really made me grow as a person. Though I learned a lot, when Perlas lost I was really sad and depressed. Then, in August 2010 I was asked to organize a Cosplay Competition in SM City Baliwag and instead of just being an organizer, I decided to try to cosplay and that opened up my eyes to a world which I would love and my ideas about it would be changes. It would also be one of the greatest personal challenge for me.

First ever large Cosplay event in Bulacan at SM City Baliwag, August 2010

I am lucky to have met Barbara Batimana and Dion Mendoza from Bulacan Cosplay Mania (BCM). They helped me with the event for SM City Baliwag and introduced me to Cosplay. Gerald Avendano lend me my first cosplay costume as the Priest of Dawn from Lineage II. People who knew me where surprised to see me in cosplay costume and in fact I am also not comfortable wearing a costume. I would admit that I do not know the character I am cosplaying but because I want to experience it, I tried my best to be in character.

When the first photos of the event appeared on my Facebook wall, those who knew me raised an eyebrow and in fact one said that I am creating a personality conflict on how people may see me. He said that if I do cosplay, people would no longer be serious about what I write on my social commentaries and they might have a problem digesting my ideas since I am a cosplayer. I find those comments hard to believe, since even if I do cosplay I am still the same person that I used to be and nothing changes.

My wife and other members of my family even said that I am too old for Cosplaying and that I am acting like a child. The worst thing they said is that I am wasting my time in doing a childish thing. It is kinda weird since cosplay is costume play and is done for fun and as a hobby. There is no young or old for any hobby. However, what they do not know is I joined cosplay because I want to make a difference, I want to lend my best and my ideas to cosplayers and those who love anime.

I had been an Otaku since childhood and I even love Astroboy (the black and white version) and now it is my chance to really show it out and lend my skills to a community of Otakus.

On October 9, 2010 together with Carlo Saldana, Rio Rosa Magpayo, Matt Anthony Jabonete, Michael Jan Silva, and my son John Dwight we established Naruto Cosplayers PH (NCPH). NCPH is not only a cosplay group but a cosplay group for a cause. We want to have a group were cosplayers will be responsible and will be agents of change in society... cosplayers who make a difference. We want to create a cosplay fund so that we can help other cosplayer. We want to inspire entrepreneural spirit in cosplayers so that they can earn and contribute to the economy. Who says cosplayers and cosplaying is a waste of time? This community is more than what I see in the outside for as time goes by, I see people who are more passionate and concerned about society than those who I have met before.

So what is my single most bloggable event? Well, that is being part of the cosplay world accidentally and then loving it. I never thought that I could find the most committed people in cosplayers. If we want change and to spread love and peace we need passion, dedication and conviction and that is what I found in most people I met in cosplay.

Some of the member of NCPH during AME Track 10 at SM MOA

Thanks to Batang Yagit and Jehzeel Laurente because through them I was able to share this life changing story of my life this 2010.

I know that my cosplay may not be perfect but I am doing this for fun, as a hobby and for a cause.  I would not mind violent reactions because I love this hobby and I love my group.

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