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Conribute a Fansign for Back2Gaming

Do you want to promote your group? Do you want to be part of the Best Gaming and Best Hobby Blog for 2010? Then here is your chance. Back2Gaming is inviting people to submit their fansign for the website and anyone can submit provided that they follow the requirements of the blog. There will be no prizes but come on this is one chance to get some exposure.

Here is the excerpt from Back2Gaming which can also be viewed at THIS LINK.

Out of the sheer randomness of my mind, I suddenly had a great revelation that would be a good way to end 2010. So I’m asking ALL OUR READERS to please submit a “I <3 (or love or :heart: or whatever variants) B2G” fansign. I’m not really picky on the kind of pic you’ll be submitting, but I hope you guys be creative on this!

There are no prizes, but the satisfaction of having your cute pic (may it be your bed look, your cosplay look or whatever look there is out there) up in the blog. You can shameless plug too if you want! (you can put your blog’s url or even your clan name or game name on the fansign as long as the I <3 B2G is bigger, of course).

You can send your pics to vincenthaoson[at]back2gaming.com but please include these on the email:
  • subject: I <3 B2G FANSIGN
  • name (or preferred name to use on the image caption)
  • gen. location (so that you can say it’s you) (like from. manila or pasay, makati, pasig or from the US (for our readers who are outside of the country or whatever)
  • If you want to leave a message then put it too!
I’ll post all the pics on Dec. 30 so we have about 22 more days for the collection.

The only restriction I will be putting would be no nudity cause you know there are other areas in the net for that…. so yeah GO CRAZY! (we love crazy :D )


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