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Gamer Totoy aka GT is Pathetic: An Answer to "Top 7 Reasons Why Cosplayers are Pathetic"

I had been a blogger, a writer and a social activist in my life. When I started blogging I do not just blog about anything nor do I just comment and let my emotions overcome me. I do blogging with passion and abide by netiquette and ethics in blogging. It is sad for me to see trash bloggers like GT or Gamer Totoy who wants to grab readers and attention by doing trash talks and demeaning people specially cosplayers. Someone who is doing this kind of crap has a very big personal attention problem or worst might be suffering from senile dimentia.

Let me answer one by one his accusations about Cosplayers which is written in his article "Top 7 Reasons Why Cosplayers are Pathetic"

1. They are horrible performers. Have you seen those group cosplay skits? They're mostly retarded acts filled with appalling fight scenes and the occasional horrible dance number. Watching them is like listening to an old bad joke over and over again; hearing the crowd roar to their antics is truly a mind-boggling experience.

In what way or measurement did he based his observation? Have he seen all cosplayers? Have he done cosplay to be a judge at this? I have seen many people who have done great job in their performance and alloted time for what they are doing. This is part of a hobby and an art just like everything else. Cosplayers who perform are there to entertain the audience and they have the right to be respected.

2. They live for the big day. Most cosplayers are either students or professionals who wish their boring daily lives were replaced by non-stop dress-up parties. Since that's not possible, they instead spend their days saving money so they can afford their elaborate outfits and extravagant make-up kits. They invest hours into planning and ironing details out, only for *that* big day - the cosplay convention. If you can see the cycle here, you can pretty much imagine what the life of a cosplayer is like.

Who's life is boring? Is it the life of a cosplayer who entertains people or someone who can't say anything but bad things about others? Is it wrong to have fun and entertain? Cosplaying is an arts like any other art form and there is nothing wrong in what they do. Had Gamer Totoy Cosplayer or is he too ugly or too inept for cosplaying?

3. They fuss over the smallest things. You'd think only kids fight over candy or spilled milk, but you're wrong. Cosplayers kill each other over the silliest reasons - be it imperfections of judges during competitions, bias for kids in costume, proper forum etiquette (they are completely anal about this), rules of engagement in conventions, acceptability of "original" costumes, Alodia's measurements and whether she went through plastic surgery, the list goes on.

Discussion always happens in contests even in the baranggay level beauty pageant, even in school honor rankings and even within one's own family. This incident is not limited to cosplayers. When there are contest and rules we should always expect people to question them and it is part of the life of a contest. Why does he question etiquette? Maybe GT has no etiquette and manners to respect other people.

4. They bastardize cosplay. In our country, "cosplay" is strutting your stuff on stage in costume while it's "costripping" if you merely join an event dressed up as a fictional character. Cosplayers are hypocrites in their own ways. Despite claiming they understand the craft, most forget that cosplaying at its core is becoming the character you want to be. I'm no authority in this, but go ask legitimate otaku if you wish. Well, who cares as long as people can dress up as Pedobear or Italian plumbers, right?

It is Gamer Totoy who bastardize cosplay in every way possible. Who is more hypocrite someone who never cosplayed or someone who loves anime and cosplays? Those that talk so much against someone is in fact someone who deep inside is envious of what other people do. No one can understand cosplaying except those who are cosplaying themselves.

5. They are socially retarded. It's no secret that otaku, nerds and whatnot are socially inept; cosplayers fall under a subbranch of those categories. so they're on the same boat. Typically, cosplayers are either the introverted loners who only talk in class when asked by the teacher, or the big attention-whoring losers who try very hard to be funny in front of a crowd despite being completely devoid of humor. They have questionable fashion choices they claim to be a means of expression, but they're just in denial and desperately trying to be different. You know those cosplayers who stick together like buddies for life? They hardly know each other, and formed their groups online.

Again, it is Gamer Totoy who is socially retarded. All he talks about is crap and insults against other people whom he do not even know what their personal lives are. I myself for example is a blogger, a writer, a community organizer and someone who had already done something for our country and the environment. What about GT? What have he done for our society and our fellowmen? Does his writing inspire others to be better? We had a cosplay group and we try to know each other and help one another. I see nothing wrong with friendship and having buddies or forming groups. Maybe GT is someone who is anti-social and does not even have a problem. His weapon is his blog which talks trash.

6. They plague the Internet. Being the social retards that they are, cosplayers resolve to the highway of information to unleash their pent-up frustrations and requisition their social needs. They live within social networking websites, making friends they hardly know and Plurking or Twittering to their online buddies the most inane activities they do in their boring lives. Aware that the real world isn't nice enough for their kind, cosplayers saturate Multiply and DeviantArt with photos hoping other cosplayers will pat their backs and make them feel good as they do the same.

You, Gamer Totoy is the social retard and plaque of the internet because instead of inspiring and helping people you are putting trash articles on the internet and insulting people you hardly know. If you have a comment about cosplaying then why not offer constructive criticism. You expect to grab attention by talking trash on cosplayers but have you tried looking at yourself and what kind of person you are. As one great philosopher said, "If you have nothing good to say to a person then do not say anything at all."

7. They don't do the nasty in costume. Cosplayers pimp themselves out like prom kings and queens but never offer real service. If they at least satisfied their lovers' fantasies, maybe they won't be less useful than a plastic frying pan as they already are. Elitist purists would say they don't want to taint the "art", but that's just stupid. I personally would love a ?????? from a female Godzilla, or ?????? Kamen Raider's ??????. Just imagine the tales you'll tell when you're old and senile - "Tol, naaalala mo ba si Mask Rider Black? ?????? ko yun sa ??????."

I can't even quote the whole sentence in this last reason. When you look at it and read it you ca see a personality that is a pity. Someone whose mind is perverted and thinks so much about getting into someone but feels inept within himself. Who do not offer real service? It is you Gamer Totoy! What do you offer your readers on the internet? Do you offer something relevant? You are the one who is not needed and not useful in this society. You cannot even be called a blogger or a writer.

For cosplayers, the good thing is we are doing something that is useful. Let us not mind if someone cannot appreciate what we do especially if it is from soneone who himself is a sole looser. I pity you GT!

My last word for GT.... COME ON MAN GET A LIFE!

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