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Cosplay Mechanic Free Costume Repair, Cosplayers Lifesavers

Cosplay Mechanic is truly one amazing gift to the local cosplay community. Costume problems are common during conventions and cosplay events and it is really hard to fix your own costume especially if you are not really someone who is used to it.  The solution to this is either you fix it, ask a friend to fix it, or just attend the convention with the available costume or the last resort is to be in human mode just to save time and money from the cost of attending.

Cosplay Mechanic, Cosplayers Costume Lifesavers

What's Cosplay Mechanic

Cosplay Mechanic is a group of cosplay crafters organized by Pinoy Propsmith in collaboration with other cosplayers and crafters to provide free costume repair services during events.  Yes, you read that right THEY REPAIR COSTUME FOR FREE

@daviddangeloph What do you think of COSPLAY MECHANIC. They offer free cosplay repair service during cons. Astig di ba? Natry nyo na ba? #DavidDAngelo #masterpogiph #cosplay #cosplaying #cosplayer #fyp #foryou #foryourpage #pinoycosplayer ♬ Sige Lang - Quest

I first learned about them during Pinoy Otaku Festival where they have a booth and they truly repair costumes to the best of their ability.  Personally, I had my first chance to try out their service during ToyCon 2023 because the boots for my Master Pogi PH were already broken.

Cosplay Mechanic, Cosplayers Costume LifesaversCosplay Mechanic, Cosplayers Costume Lifesavers

The lock on the boots is not okay and even the sole was a total wreck. Joren, took the task and was assigned to Takeru who repaired the boots.  I can actually wait for it to be repaired but I do not want to be a burden to them so I came back after 2 hours and wow, I am totally amazed.  The boots are all good and I can finally cosplay Master Pogi without any hassle.

Cosplay Mechanic, Cosplayers Costume Lifesavers

Cosplay Mechanic, Cosplayers Costume Lifesavers

Cosplay Mechanic, Cosplayers Costume Lifesavers

Thank You Cosplay Mechanic!

Thank you COSPLAY MECHANIC! You guys are a blessing to every cosplayer during events and I hope that other crafters will eventually follow suit and offer such service as well.  By the way, even though they do offer free repair service during events I just hope that we can also give back to them by promoting their crafters, and if there are people looking for their services please refer them.

Cosplay Mechanic, Cosplayers Costume Lifesavers

What they are doing to the community is truly a blessing, and the fact that nobody asks them to do it and they are doing it wholeheartedly is truly amazing.

Kudos Cosplay Mechanic and more power to you guys.

For more information, you can visit Pinoy Props Smith.

Cosplay Mechanic, Cosplayers Costume Lifesavers


David Shen D'Angelo

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