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Starting the 2023 with New Tears of Themis Limited Time Event - Blizzardous Threads of Red

Starting the 2023 with New Tears of Themis Limited Time Event - Blizzardous Threads of Red otakucosplayph

On January 12, Tears of Themis will debut a series of limited-time events with the historical subject Blizzardous Threads of Red! A lifetime passes in an instant in the icy landscape. Attorneys will accompany the four male leads to Blizzard Villa, where they will perform the "Snowy Mountain" Main Story and Side Story activities, collect Holly Stationery, and gain the Event-Limited Badge, R cards, and numerous goodies!

Event Synopsis

On a chilly and snowy night in the highlands, at an old manor... Mevis Zeng, an antique mogul, is about to organize an auction for valuable items at this manor. Many visitors from many walks of life have been asked to attend the celebration, but a disaster occurs right before their eyes... Is there any truth to the legend of the soul-reaping snow beast? Or has this trap been meticulously put up?

What secrets are tucked away in this old manor? Attorneys will conduct an investigation with the four members of NXX, visiting villa guests, obtaining various artifacts from the various buildings in the Villa Courtyard, and uncovering their own Artifact Stories concerning the guest concerned. Participate in the event to receive the R cards of the four male leads, as well as the Event-Limited Badge, Namecard, Invitation, and other exclusive gifts!

Simultaneously, the "Another Year with You" reward event will be accessible. Attorneys can accomplish timed tasks to earn Sweet Persimmons, which can be exchanged for Tears of Themis - Limited, prior event-limited SR cards ("Twilight Beauty," "A Star in the Palm," "Winning Ball," and "Eternal Whispers"), Chubby Riceball Crisis event R cards, and other incentives.

During this event, there will also be a Time-Limited Total Purchases Event. At the same time, the First Purchase Bonus will be refreshed! The four male leads' "Blizzardous" Themed Outfits, as well as the "Stage" and "Old Manor" Backgrounds, will be on sale in the Cosmetics Shop for a limited time. Shadow of Themis will be limited during the "Blizzardous Threads of Red" Event. Attorneys can receive Visions using Tears of Themis - Limited or Tears of Themis - Earthly. The draw rate for the Event-Limited Cards Luke SSR "Dreamlike Drama," Artem SSR "The Weeds," Vyn SSR "Burning Embrace," and Marius SSR "Mirage of You" will be enhanced.

Are you excited about this new event? The new SSR is promising! Wishing everyone the best of luck on their pulls :D



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