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Japanese Supergroup BE FIRST Shares New Year Greetings With Fans

Japanese Supergroup BE FIRST Shares New Year Greetings With Fans

In line with the New Year celebrations, Japanese supergroup, BE:FIRST has shared their new year greeting with fans in Southeast Asia. 

“Hello! We are BE:FIRST. 
We hope you had a wonderful holiday season.  
Thanks for all your support last year and we want to wish everyone a happy new year. 
Cheers to a fun and exciting 2023!” 

“大家好: Da jia hao (Hi everyone) 
我们是 BE:FIRST: Wo men shi BE:FIRST. (We are BE:FIRST)  
新年快乐! : Xin nian kuài lé! (Happy New Year!)  
祝福大家身体健康,一切顺利! Zhu fú da jia shen ti jian kang, yí qie shùn lì (Wishing everyone 
a healthier life & smooth sailing ahead)” 
A new year and new aspirations ahead, the members of BE:FIRST have taken time in between the hectic year-end celebrations and performances to share their individual wishes and messages with everyone. 

What are your thoughts about your busy and successful 2022?  

(LEO) We had many ‘first-time’ experiences in 2022. It is all thanks to the love and support by people around us. We hope to do even better this year. 

With those ‘first-time’ experiences in 2022, please share something memorable to you. 

(SHUNTO) BMSG FES ‘22 was definitely one of the most impressive memories amongst all of us. While BE:FIRST is  new to the music scene as well as BMSG as a management 
company, it was an honor for all of us including other artists to get together to work on creating such an event. It certainly excites us for next year’s events! 
(JUNON) It would have to be the release of our first album, ‘BE:1’. We also had the opportunity to perform in some major music festivals during the summer. It was fun 
collaborating with Jonas Blue during his set. Speaking of a recent event, we participated in the recent Asia Artist Awards (AAA) for the first time. There have been so many memories from this year. 

What is BE:FIRST’s goal in 2023?  

(SOTA) What we’ve been aiming for in 2022 remains the same in this new year; and that is to pursue BE:FIRST’s music and show the world who we are as a group. Please stay tuned and root for us! 

Please share your individual goals or challenges for 2023.  

(RYOKI) I’d like to fulfill my role as an artist, actor, and simply as a human being…lol 
(MANATO) My personal goal… I want to be more physically fit.  
(RYUHEI) I would like to go abroad. Maybe we can do a boot camp somewhere.  
(SOTA) I got an opportunity as a dance instructor and mentor choreographer in New Zealand at the start of this year, so I would like to utilize my talent when/where needed. That would be my second goal. My first goal is to grow together with BE:FIRST and as an artist. 
(LEO) For me, it would be to reach my ideal as a BE:FIRST, and also to become the ideal ‘me’. Additionally, I want to broaden my ability to express myself. Oh, I also want to increase my cooking repertoire.  
(SHUNTO) I want to get a driver’s license. I will turn 20 years old this year. It sounds cool to drive a car. (SOTA cuts in here saying, ‘You should declare “I want to become an adult.”’ and 
JUNON adds “He hasn’t grown up yet” as a joke.) 
(JUNON) I want to take care of myself by eating and sleeping well. (Everyone else agrees “That’s most important!”)  

If you were to perform overseas, which countries would you like to go to?  

(MANATO) I would love to go to the United States -- the mecca of music, and perform on the streets. Also, I’ve always wanted to go to the Apollo Theater in New York City. I’d love to perform there one day! 
(RYUHEI) My choice would be Indonesia. I am grateful that many people there have watched our recent interview video on CNN. Also, I want to deliver our performances more to our fans throughout Asia.  

Do you have any message to your fans in Asia?  

(RYOKI) Thank you all for your continuous support. As we close the year 2022 and welcome 
2023, we have many challenges ahead of us. We hope to not only deliver our music, but also we look forward to opportunities to perform in person overseas. Please continue following us. 
Thank you. 


BE:FIRST is a seven-member dance and vocal group featuring SOTA, SHUNTO, MANATO, RYUHEI, JUNON, RYOKI, and LEO, signed to renowned Japanese rapper, SKY-HI’s management company and label, BMSG. Each member has a high level of ability and potential for singing, dancing, and rap, along with a musical sensitivity reflected in their songwriting and choreography. Each owns an attractive individuality that marks each of them as unique. Under the name BE:FIRST, this seven-piece group has swept the No.1 spots on various charts in Japan since before their debut. Now they are taking their bold first steps toward Asia and the world. 

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