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Sony Music Entertainment Japan Introduces Baby Mic Candy

Sony Music Entertainment Japan Introduces the World to Bangkok-based Japan x Thailand HipHop Group, Baby Mic Candy With Their Debut Single Release, ‘RUN’, and a Reality Show, ‘B.M.C Way’ with GMMTV Thailand

Sony Music Entertainment Japan Introduces Baby Mic Candy

Sony Music Entertainment Japan has announced the debut single release of Japanese and Thai Hip Hop trio, Baby Mic Candy (BMC). The single, ‘RUN’, will be made available on all digital streaming platforms on 31 August 2022, Wednesday, with the accompanying music video on the same day.

Baby Mic Candy (BMC) is a 3-member Hip Hop group consisting of MOTO from Thailand, and GOLI and YUKI from Japan. The name ‘Baby Mic Candy’ toys with the idea of how the trio wants to share their identity with the whole world, charming listeners as vividly as Candy through the Microphone without forgetting their Baby-like innocence.

Introducing Baby Mic Candy (BMC)

Formally members of a 10-member idol group in Fukuoka, Japan, the group disbanded in 2019.

Sony Music Entertainment Japan Introduces Baby Mic Candy

As the 3 remaining members, MOTO, GOLI and YUKI regrouped to form BMC during the COVID pandemic, working together remotely in Thailand and Japan respectively. 2 and a half years of enduring hardships of creating songs remotely and with the Japanese members of BMC studying Thai language, all 3 members have finally reunited in Thailand since May this year. Currently based in Bangkok, BMC will be writing songs together with some of Thailand’s biggest music producers and artists, working on various projects, while working towards the same shared goal of becoming a hit in Thailand.

Sony Music Entertainment Japan Introduces Baby Mic Candy
GOLI: Born in November 1995 in Fukuoka, Japan. GOLI is the leader of Baby Mic Candy and make almost all of the track for the group. He specializes in freestyle rap and has the best rap skills of all the members. His hobby is weight training.

Sony Music Entertainment Japan Introduces Baby Mic Candy
MOTO: Born in October 1998 in Suphanburi, Thailand. Multi-talented in guitar, drums, piano, track making, and dancing. MOTO is fluent in Japanese and serves as an interpreter for the members.

Sony Music Entertainment Japan Introduces Baby Mic Candy
YUKI: Born in October 1999 in Fukuoka, Japan. YUKI is a three-time karate champion in Japan. Despite his quiet personality, YUKI shows his strength in martial arts.

The debut Hip Hop, breakbeat single, ‘RUN’ is an adrenaline-pumping, runner’s high song that sublimates good vibes, a spirit of defiance and resolutions overflowing from the group. With lyrics in Thai, Japanese and English, the high-tempo best of the single depicts the “ordinary guys” that BMC values so much as they bet (run) on the once-in-a-lifetime game of life.

BMC’s leader GOLI says, "Listening to our debut single ‘RUN’, I hope you can feel the possibilities and expectations of the word "anyone" in a positive way, as well as the passion of BMC and the hotness of Thailand. It is a song that makes you feel close to us, with the thought of stepping forward together.” This song is the start of the BMC project, in which the members, representing

Sony Music Entertainment Japan Introduces Baby Mic Candy

Gen Z Music

Generation Z, will present the significance of their existence as artists in the country.”

Prior to their debut, BMC's official YouTube channel has already launched. Produced by Goffoo (@goffoo), the leader of a Thailand’s legendary YouTuber group FEDFE, the channel will feature a variety of content focusing on the BMC members' lives in Thailand.

In partnership with Thailand’s entertainment conglomerate, GMMTV, BMC’s music and reality show ‘B.M.C. Way’ is set to premiere later this month on GMMTV’s YouTube Channel. Join the members of BMC as they travel across Thailand to learn about the local culture, finding inspiration for their music creation. More information will be shared in the upcoming weeks.

Digital Single "RUN"

Baby Mic Candy - BMC Digital Single RUN

Release on 31 August, 2022


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