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Japan-made social media app "Otasuke!", now trending among local cosplayers and anime fans

A new social app, "Otasuke!", has been a hot topic among Filipino cosplayers and anime lovers. Otasuke!, with the slogan "Be Passionate", was developed by a Japanese events production company Otacute Philippines Inc. The app was built with a vision of uniting 20 Million cosplayers and anime fans around the world in mind.

Cosplayers can upload their cosplay photos in Otasuke! and receive Happiness Points, its in-app currency, from their friends and supporters that can be converted and withdrawn to cash. Anime fans can enjoy talking about their hobbies using Otasuke!’s O-room Open Chat which was recently released in their version 1.4 update.

As of writing, Otasuke! has reached a milestone of 3000 downloads across iOS and Android devices, after its official release last June 21, 2021. This goes to show that the app’s increasing momentum will lead to more meaningful and deeper connections to the cosplay and anime otaku community.

  • Cosplayer and Anime Otaku SNS
  • Available on Android and iOS



David Shen D'Angelo

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