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Genshin Impact Cosplay Contest - Genshin Smile

Otasuke, the newest cosplay app is having a Genshin Impact Cosplay Contest. "“If a Genshin Impact character was real, what would his/her smile look like?”

They are inviting everyone to show your best in-character smile and you can win a cash prize!

Genshin Impact Cosplay Contest Mechanics

  • 1st Place - PHP1000
  • 2nd Place - PHP300
  • 3rd Place - PHP200

Nation’s Smile. Judges will also pick 5 lucky submissions for the Nation’s Smile Special Award winning PHP100 each!
  • 2 submissions from Monstadt characters
  • 2 submissions from Liyue characters
  • 1 submission from Snezhnaya, Sumeru, Khaenri'ah or Inazuma characters (including all other nations that are not Monstadt or Liyue)
Judging Criteria
  • 35% Cosplay Accuracy (costume, make-up, wig styling, etc.)
  • 45% Smile (your cosplay in-character smile)
  • 20% Otasuke Votes (Happiness Points you received on Otasuke)

Deadline of submissions: August 12,2021 (Thursday) 8:00PM

How To Join the Genshin Impact Cosplay Contest

  1. Must be an approved Otasuke app cosplayer. Please apply as Cosplayer first if you don’t have a cosplayer profile yet. Android&iOS 👉 https://www.otasukejp.com/
  2. Upload your Genshin Impact cosplay photo with your best in-character smile in the Otasuke app using the hashtag “#GenshinSmile”
  3. Promote your submission on Facebook by posting a screenshot of your Otasuke submission. Sample caption template:
Hi! I’m joining Otasuke’s #GenshinSmile Cosplay Contest. Please support me by giving Happiness Points to my entry in Otasuke! My Otasuke username is <username here>
Let’s Download Now !
Otasuke! Cosplayer & Anime Otaku SNS
Android & iOS 👉 https://www.otasukejp.com/
For more information please visit their Facebook page.


David Shen D'Angelo

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