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Singing Cosplayer Hikari Sings Evangelion Theme Song in Japanese

Singing Cosplayer Hikari had made a very successful debut with his first video on YouTube reaching nearly 200,000 views.  Her first video feature Hikari singing Cruel Angel Thesis from Neon Genesis Evangelion in English.  Fans later requested if she could sing the Japanese version.

Cruel Angel Thesis from Neon Genesis Evangelion by Singing Cosplayer Hikari

Singing Cosplayer Hikari has released a cover video of‘A Cruel Angel’s Thesis’ (Japanese Version) on YouTube,following the English version which has become a hot topic for Evangelion fans around the world.

Her Japanese version of the song became a greater hit with more than 235,000 views as of this time.  She already had 1,200+ subscribers in YouTube as well.

So far, her views reach an amazing 30,000 views(The total of YouTube/Facebook/Instagram) in just a week is a strong indicator Hikari is set for success. The Japanese version was done on request from viewers asking for her to sing in Japanese. (Click here to watch the English version)

Hikari and Her Rei Ayanami Cosplay

Singing Cosplayer Hikari cosplays in the costumes of loved characters from famous anime, games and Vocaloids. She uploads videos of her cover songs and cosplay photos on social media. Her theme changes every 6 weeks.

Her first theme is ‘Evangelion’. The latest Evangelion anime movie will be released on the 23rd of January in Japan. She performs in cosplay as Rei Ayanami. She uploaded her cover song of ‘A Cruel Angel’s Thesis’, first in English then Japanese.
She will upload 3 more songs from‘Evangelion’soon.

And the song of‘A Cruel Angel’s Thesis’(Japanese version) is also already distributed on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok for free.


Singing Cosplayer Hikari is Open for Collaborations

She is more than happy to collaborate with artists and other creators (singers, dancers, guitarist, pianist…) from all over the world! And she is hoping many people will duet her song by singing, dancing and playing music along.

She posts on Instagram everyday in her Rei Ayanami’s cosplay. Although she is wearing Rei Ayanami’s costume, she will show much more than just Rei Ayanami’s world. Japan has a long tradition of celebrating foods culture and festival specially designated days.  She cosplayed with themes in mind , most recently Melon Day on January 6th  and School starting day on January 7th .

Her profile is still growing!  Find out more about by following her on social media and watching out for more. Please check it out!


David Shen D'Angelo

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