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Senators Tito Sotto and Nancy Binay seem to say that ANIME IS MEDIOCRE.  Do you agree with their statements?  What do you think?

"I noticed TV stations have been replacing their news programs with Animes. It means competition is absent and mediocrity is creeping in because of the absence of a strong competitor like ABS-CBN," Sotto said. | via Katrina Domingo, ABS-CBN News

What made the senator say that?  Is it because of the recent move by a TV station to include anime in its news channel?  Clearly this statement might have come because of a move by GMA News TV to air anime on its channel.  Some of those who are not fan of anime, including Sotto and Binay reacted.

Balita, hindi anime’: Nancy Binay pabor sa pagbabalik ng ABS-CBN.  (News not anime, Nancy Binay in favor of the return of ABS-CBN.)

The Grudge Against Anime

This is putting into bad light anime.  These senators are comparing apples and eggs.  Why would you compare anime to news?  It is clear that news will always be important compared to anime but ANIME IS NOT MEDIOCRE.  You have no right to say that it is trash and does not deserve air time.

Most anime has better good values and lesson compared to the onslaught of teleserye that we are getting from both GMA  and ABS-CBN.  These teleseryes are clearly sending a negative vibe of sex, violence, betrayal, and more.  We deserve more positive shows that will empower our people to do better.

What do you think? Is anime mediocre?  Let us know.


David Shen D'Angelo


  1. I think you are missing the point of the statement, the statement was never directed at anime but news programs "mediocrity is creeping in" is in relation to the fact that other channels are replacing news programs with anime, to which case you are attaching the statement to the wrong thing.

    Mediocrity is a sense that other news programs are either half assed in researching, confirming, and/or reporting on what is current events are happening and what is news worthy.

    Like say for example when you misunderand a quote and create an article/vlog about it in which the root of your argument was flawed from the beginning and try to stir controversy where it was never even supposed to be.

    1. I think it is not flawed and this is a correct assessment of the matter. The statement says that news programs are being replaced by anime which is the first statement. The second refers to the fact that this replacement pertains to mediocrity creeping in. It might not be a direct assertion or direct saying that anime is mediocre but there is a reference maid.

      I am intelligent enough to know and assess the statement property and will not make a controversy out of something that is not there. Why refer to anime, Binay and Sotto can just say that we need more competition or that why did GMA bring a show which is not part of the format of their GNTV?

      I did not misunderstand the quote.

    2. A good point on that note I have overlooked that fact thank you for that, Though the if anything it should also be understood that these people have a tendency to speak without consideration towards the appropriate words that need to be said and rather speak immediately on the findings they have hence why I feel that it is being blown out of proportion though indeed I do agree that the words they spewed out should have been better.

    3. Thanks for agreeing. It really could have been better. Just be truthful and factual I guess.

  2. I fully agree, how can they even call anime "mediocre" when ABS-CBN which features shows like "Telenovelas" (which in my opinion are more mediocre) are not? Not to hate on Telenovelas but targeting anime but not other types of entertainment is just unfair.

  3. is this real? Excuse me??? Real Talk Characters that are non fiction taught me to be better than any of this people.... No shit !!!!!!

    1. Yes it's real, they actually said that, which is really not surprising for them to say.


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