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'Stay With Me’ by Miki Matsubara Hits Number 1 in the Philippines

'Stay With Me’ by Miki Matsubara which was first released 40 years ago is now the NO.1 hit on Spotify Global Viral chart for 11days straight and has just been the No 1 on Spotify Phillipine chart on Decmber 20!

Stay With Me’ by Miki Matsubara has hit its 11th straight day as No. 1 on the Spotify Global Viral Chart, which has some 320 million followers around the world. The song was first released 40 years ago and has been enjoying a huge revival on Spotify, and its the record breaking numbers show no sign of stopping.

Matsubara’s ‘Stay With Me” is categorized as City Pop, a style of Japanese music which originated in the 1970s and 1980s. The genre has been experiencing a boom in the last couple of years especially in Asia, Europe and on the west coast of the United States. The latest City Pop boom was born in the Club scene, with DJ’s mixing Japanese City Pop music with modern beats. YouTubers and curators on music subscription services have also been promoting the City Pop music boom on playlists.

After Rainych, the popular Indonesian YouTuber, put cover versions of “Stay With Me” on her YouTube channel in October, the song quickly became popular and moved into the top ranking in the streaming services all over the world. 

As of December 20th, ‘Stay With Me‘ had been in the No.1 position on the Spotify Global Viral chart for 11 straight days, appearing on the charts in 49 countries and regions. In Phillipines it has just been in the No 1 position on Spotify Phillipine chart on December 20 for the first time. On Apple Music the song has hit No 1 on J-Pop rankings in 84 countries and regions (originally 12 countries and regions). It has also been in the top 10 in 100 countries and regions (originally 47 countries and regions) .The song has been No.1 in Phillipines for 2 days straight and in the top 10 for 21 days straight.

Even after 40 years ‘Stay With Me’ is attracting listeners and fans from around the world. Check out Miki Masuhara’s playlists below which include ‘Stay With Me’ and other great hits. 

Japanese City Pop pioneer Miki Matsubara’s all time best playlist is here including ‘Stay With Me’ which has been enjoying the great hit across the border and era.

◆The song ranked in 50 countries and No.1 on Spotify Global Viral chart for 11 weeks straight from 10th to 20th of December in 10 countries.
1st Place Ranking:
U.S.A/Malaysia/Philippine/Singapore/Canada/Australia/France/Mexico/U.K./Belgium/Romania/Denmark /India/Norway/Finland/Chile/Sweden
2nd Place Ranking:
3rd Place Ranking:

Other high ranking countries:
Ecuador/CostaRica/Thailand/Japan/Panama/Estonia/Argentina/Turkey/Portugal/El Salvador/Guatemala/Hungary/Dominican Republic/Hong Kong/Paraguay/Vietnam/Greek/Slovakia、/Italy
◆ Top 10 ranking on Apple Music J-pop ranking in 100 countries and regions

1st Place Ranking:
U.S.A/ Germany /France/ U.K./Italy /Brazil /Spain /Mexico /Canada/Holland /Australia / Argentina/ Russia /Switzerland /Belgium / Austria /Turkey /Denmark /Poland / Norway / Saudi Arabia / Finland / Greek / Republic of South Africa / Portugal /Indonesia / Columbia / Israel / Egypt / Ireland /Chile / Malaysia / Nigella / Philippine / Peru / Czech /Hungary / Ukraine /
New Zealand / Romania / United Arab Emirates/ Kazakhstan / Ecuador / Slovenia /Lebanon / Oman/ Luxembourg / Dominican Republic/Belarus / Bulgaria / El Salvador / Lithuania / Costa Rica / Cyprus / Kenya/ Panama / Bolivia/ Paraguay / Jordan / Ghana/ Latvia /Bahrain / Uganda/
Trinidad and Tobago / Zimbabwe/ Cambodia / Papua New Guinea / Botswana / Azerbaijan / Malta/Nicaragua/ Armenia/ Kyrgyzstan/ Moldova / Fiji / Cayman Islands / Eswatini / Mongol /Belize / Namibia / Serbia /Kuwait / Dominican Republic 
2nd Place Ranking:
Thailand /Venezuela / Slovakia / Guatemala / Uzbekistan / Estonia / U.S. Virgin Islands /the Bahamas /Jamaica/ Croatia 
3rd Place Ranking:
Sweden / Singapore / Vietnam / Honduras / Laos
4th Place Ranking:
Sri Lanka 


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