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Get an FS, Help a Cosplayer

We all love FS or fan signs from cosplayer and this time we can help someone.  A friend of ours has recently been confined and has a surgery.  She had to endure the hardship and also to pay a big amount in order to have her health restored.  For this matter, we want to ask your help so that she can bounce back on her feet.

I've been diagnosed with acute appendicitis (Nov. 10, 2020) and until this moment, I'm still admitted to the hospital. I'm done with the appendectomy and it was successful. But I'm worrying about the hospital bills and I don't have someone to rely on with regards to expenses except myself (since I'm the only one who has a regular work). I've seen the hospital bills and unfortunately, my salary is not enough and I'll be allowed to go out only if I've paid the said amount. So I thought that paid FS might help me at paying my hospital bills.

Thank you in advance for considering and for helping me. Don't worry, all of your payments will proceed to my hospital bills.


For more information and to contact her directly you can check out her Facebook.  Let us do what we can to support a fellow cosplayer and anime fan in need.

Thanks in advance.


David Shen D'Angelo

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