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5 Tips on how to achieve that "Anime Reviewer" job that you want!

Grabbed from AniRadioPlus' FB Page

Hi Weabs! I know 2020 has been rough and have robbed us of things we should be enjoying right now. Like going to cosplay conventions and talking face to face with our friends about the anime we just watched. But, regardless of what this year have put us through, we cannot deny that our undiscovered talents are now being realized. Like our love for writing. 

Last week, AniRadio Plus  announced that they are in need of Anime Episode Reviewers in the Philippines for Winter Anime 2021 . And boy, Anime Fans flooded their Facebook site because of it. 

Most of you might be asking yourselves right now "How to write an Anime Review exactly?". Is there a formula? If you think you have what it takes, then good. But for those who are skeptical if they CAN make it, we will try to make it easy for you! 

#1 Watch the Anime and Reflect on it

It is important for an Anime Reviewer to have watched the anime he/she wants to review. Watching the anime will help you with your review and reflecting on it will definitely boost your writing. While you are doing it, take down notes on the important things such as the Plot, Settings, Characters, Animation, and Music - there are many things to consider but it will really depend on the management's guideline for review. But since we are talking about the basics - this is basically what you need .

Remember in elementary days where your teacher asked you to write a reflection paper about a movie? That comes in handy. 

#2 Be Objective

Yeah, I know it can be really tricky. It is so hard to write a review without being subjective, especially when the story is way too disappointing, or the ship has failed, but you have to set it all aside because when you are writing a review. It is important to write down what is important about the story. Since watching the anime and plunging in its story will make you realize what kind of story your audience will be in, its settings, the characters they will face, and the visual and auditory treat they will be in. 

There is no problem in pointing out what disappointed you just do not make it look like a ranting page. As an Anime Reviewer, you have the power and task to make people watch that anime, with great power comes great responsibility! 

#3 Start Writing NOW

Writing may sound like a simple task but in reality it is not that simple. Let's face it, all of us can write but there is a big difference on the skilled and experienced writers, right? I am not saying that having no experience will hinder you from becoming an Anime Reviewer because most of these writers usually start with nothing in their word files too. They also have doubts and crappy ideas they are afraid to share, and if there is one thing that will hone your skills in writing it is to continue to write, write, and write. There is no other way. 

Tap on that keyboard, hold your pens and notebooks whatever you will use. Writing is all about the experience. So for first timers, I hope this will help you. Try writing what you think about the Anime you just watched in a one whole sheet of paper whatever comes in your mind first, write it all down. Read it, watch out for long sentences, check the points that you think is relevant, re-write it again. Read, Rewrite and Repeat until it becomes concise and easy to read. Believe me, it will get better every time.

#4 Know The Anime's P-S-C-A-M

I just made that one up, but basically it is the anime's PLOT, STORY, CHARACTERS, ANIMATION and MUSIC. So, you wrote everything in the paper, now identify which part in your writing contains the P-S-C-A-M. Then you can divide your review / critique from there. 

Most of us usually see an anime review that is simply a rating (i.e 4/10 ANIMATION etc.) Yeah, it can be done like that but writing an in-depth Anime Review is much more appreciated.

The PLOT, by definition a plot means "the main events of a play, novel, movie, or similar work, devised and presented by the writer as an interrelated sequence." - so the question is how to know the plot of the story / anime / episode? Here are the 5 questions you should ask yourselves: How did it begin? How did it progress? How did it end? That is basically the plot. NO SPOILERS. Write it as it is. 

Critique the STORY, as an Anime Reviewer it is important for you to be able to tell the Anime's story. You are entitled to write your opinion about the Anime's story. Just remain objective tell the story in an interesting way, before you insert your commentary. 

Writing about the CHARACTERS is what makes the story come alive and often times are valued by their contributions. It is important to note the character's development in the Anime because it is what makes them relatable and loved. They drive the story forward and beyond. ♥ (It's also okay to play around here, especially if you have your bias).

The Anime's ANIMATION and MUSIC is pretty technical to be frank about it, but it's what makes or breaks an Anime. So what should you do if do not know anything? Write from your experience. Yes, it is that simple. 

Sometimes the flashier the animation the more visually entertaining it becomes, so write it. But know that there are viewers who appreciate the animation more than the story, and there are those who do not. So it is also important to write about it here. Just make sure to take note of what you did not like about it, also if there should be a photo sensitivity issue. Same goes with how the music is timed in the story, its effect on the viewer and how it tears you up and how it made you feel nostalgic or happy. It all comes together. 

#5 Believe in your own writeup

Yes, please. Because we do. ♥ (Pro-tip: it is also important to have a test audience to critic your writing, friends or family will do). (Pro-tip #2: review english rules, okay?)

Let us know if this helped you by sharing our article and commenting if it really does. We appreciate it! 


Ralfh is a gamer, writer, cosplay enthusiast, social media savvy, journalist - who spends hours in his laptop tapping WASD's while helping his family and playing with his dogs. He loves to write about self-help coming from his own experience and definitely enjoys MMORPG!!!! 


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