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KissAnime & KissManga bids goodbye

On August 15, the operators posted an announcement on the KissAnime’s Discord server, revealing that all of their files and web beta servers were taken down by the copyright owners. This matter resulted in their decision to finally close the websites of pirated anime & manga streaming platforms KissAnime & KissManga FOR GOOD.

KissAnime & KissManga operators announced their decision on their Discord server.

It was reported that the proposed revised copyright law was enacted by the Japanese government last June 2020. The said law aims to protect the copyright owners further and punish those who illegally reupload intellectual properties such as manga, magazines, academic works, and many others.

By January 2021, you can face charges for the following:

  • Illegal downloading of pirated manga, magazines, and other academic works (i.e. anime series and/or films, scripts, arts/visuals, and many more).

  • Providing links to pirated media

  • Operation of pirated media platforms

Penalties for illegal downloads will be either an up to 2 years of imprisonment or a maximum fine of 2M yen (around PHP 1M), or both. Pirated media platform operators will be penalized with either an up to 5 years of imprisonment, a maximum fine of 5M yen (around PHP 2.5M), or both.

It was also reported that Japan’s Copyright Legal Council is also currently tracking down other illegal streaming websites and its subsites, operators, affiliates, and owners.


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