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Filipino-made Vocaloid Songs featured in Video Games

We are so used to hearing Filipino covers of some of our favorite Vocaloid songs, even Vocaloid-made covers of well-known Filipino music! But we have just found these rare gems of Vocaloid music, and some of them are even produced in our native language, and are even featured in widely-known music/dance rhythm games!

Here are four of the Filipino music producers that have made it to the cut:


Ensou is the producer behind “COMA,” the first & only Filipino track to be featured in Rayark’s Cytus, a cyberpunk-themed music rhythm game. COMA is also said to be one of the 8 tracks in the game to feature a Vocaloid as a vocalist and is the first track ever to use a different language apart from Japanese & English.

Check out “COMA” here:


Dasu, known as the creator of the Stellar Paradigm series, has 2 tracks that are featured in the dance rhythm arcade game Pump it Up! Prime, namely “86” and “Nakakapagpabagabag.” She also collaborated with Ensou on “COMA”!

Check out “86” here:

Check out “Nakakapagpabagabag” here:

The Hoshizora Project

The Hoshizora Project has been featured in two of Rayark’s roster of music rhythm games, namely VOEZ, which has a slice-of-life theme, and Deemo, which has a complex, tragic, and heart-wrenching story combined with a classy pianist concept. Deemo is also said to have its animated film adaptation in accordance with the original storyline. The track “I’m Still the Same, I’ll Stay” is featured in VOEZ, while “Post Script (English version)” is featured in Deemo. 

Check out “I’m Still the Same, I’ll Stay” here:

Check out “Post Script” here:

Check out “Post Script (English version)” here:

KENO (formerly TechniKen)

KENO is an electronic dance & Vocaloid music producer who primarily uses GUMI. He is the producer behind “To My Friend,” one of the tracks featured in VOEZ. The song can be found in the ElectroPop Selection Package of the said game. 

Check out “To My Friend” here:

If you can, try out the games mentioned above and challenge yourself to these tracks!



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