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Japan’s Beloved Anime Series Atashin’chi gets an Official YouTube Channel

Shin-Ei Animation Co., Ltd.( Address: Nishitokyo, Tokyo, Representative: Michihiko Umezawa, hereinafter “Shin-Ei Animation”) And AlphaBoat LLC.(Address: Shibuya, Tokyo, Representative: Nishitani Daizo, hereinafter “AlphaBoat”) have begun a collaborative effort to create and operate an official YouTube channel for the immensely popular anime series Atashin’chi (the original manga version by Eiko Kera is being newly published in serial form on the AERA magazine since December 2019). AlphaBoat will be managing the official YouTube channel and the official Twitter, as well as providing copyright management services.

What is Atashin’chi?

Atashin’chi, based on the manga original by Eika Kera, describes the everyday life of the Tachibana family: Mother, who tries her best in everything she does despite her clumsiness; Father, who says little and insists on doing everything his way; Mikan, a high school romantic; and Yuzuhiko, who might appear to be emotionless at first glance but is quite naïve.

You will find yourself smiling at the little stories found in the everyday lives of this immensely relatable quintessential Japanese family.

The unusual Mother is proving to be especially popular. The song “Red Rose of Passion” that she hums often in the series has left a strong impression on many viewers. Not a few of them will have caught themselves unknowingly humming along to the song as she does.

Her fame even took her beyond her anime roots, making her the centerpiece of a monthly educational campaign poster for the “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” campaign promoted by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry in 2003. She also took fourth place in Taiwan’s “Venerated Mother Rankings” (based on data from internet trends analytics site ‘DailyView’ in 2014), proving her popularity even outside Japan.

Atashin’chi YouTube Channel

The new official Atashin’chi YouTube channel will be used to distribute (at no cost) past episodes of the anime series (2002-2009 Atashin’chi, 2015-2016 New Atashin’chi) in their original order, as well as channel-exclusive content such as ‘Red Rose of Passion’ collections and highlight reels, among others. The content is a must-see, and not just for fans of the series.

The author of the original manga, Eiko Kera, commented that she was also excited about the new YouTube official channel and the upcoming content releases.

"I’ve been told that there will be additional video content uploaded to the channel including never-before-seen video as well as collaboration videos and specials, so I am very much looking forward to it. I’m also looking forward to a special video that makes me wonder, “Is it okay to upload this to the official YouTube channel?” Be sure to send your requests as well through comments on YouTube or messages to the official Twitter account!"

The Official Atashin’chi YouTube Channel Release schedule

  • Approximately 270 episodes are set to be released from 15 May 2020 (Friday) to March 2021
  • Two episodes will be released every weekday during the first month and in the ensuing months two episodes each on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
  • The release schedule is subject to change.
  • Release period differs for each episode.

Check out the Atashin’chi YouTube channel and also the Atashin’chi twitter account for further details.


David Shen D'Angelo

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